Color Contrast In Nature And Majestic Cityscapes – Don’t Miss Our Latest Update

We usually imagine light and shadow or dark and bright visual struggles when we think about contrast. But one compositional element requires a very interesting visual skill; achieving contrast by the aid of colour. Nowadays, you likely already know how colors follow a very well-structured physical linear hierarchy. But only when this spectrum is transformed […]

27 Tack Sharp Images That Demonstrate Camera Mastery

Most photographers when they have captured an image, zoom into it at 100% to analyse it for sharpness. Sharpness is of great importance in photography and a lot of photographers discard images even if they are slightly blurry. Besides, sharpness for the scene or subject is decided depending on the genre – for example, for portraits, wildlife, etc., the eyes need to be in perfect focus and tack sharp, whereas for landscape and architecture, the entire scene or frame needs to be perfectly sharp.
Here are 27 tack sharp images from various genre, that demonstrate camera mastery.

Smartphone Street Photography And Cute Pet Shots – Check Out Our Latest Update

Before finding my documentary voice, street photography was the genre I felt more interested in. In fact, that’s the cause for my personal philosophy on using unintrusive or inconspicuous cameras for capturing human behavior in its most pristine form. And which are the most stealthy cameras for this type of imagery? Smartphone-based ones! This week, […]

Smartphone Landscapes And Textures In Nature – Don’t Miss Our Latest Update

We welcome some broad landscape shots in Tersha’s Smartphone Photography set! The curious thing about landscape photography is that one doesn’t simply go out and capture whatever crosses our sight. One should always acknowledge that we are just witnessing what nature is willing to unveil to us. Sometimes, reaching such cohesiveness requires patiently scouting, and […]

Architectural Textures And Creative Closeups – Check Out Our Latest Update

Next in Tersha’s Smartphone Photography set, some clean architectural textures using a smartphone! Although it may look simple, architecture photography is quite a challenging genre. But when done well, it can be substantially rewarding. Like other outdoor photography, the best time to shoot architecture is the golden and blue hours, allowing for some beautiful long […]