Muses – The Awe Inspiring Underwater Photography Of Christy Lee Rogers

Christy Lee Rogers beautiful baroque-styled art sees light and color converge through the medium of water. We hope you find artistic inspiration through her new collection – MUSES. 

Evolution – Image by Christy Lee Rogers

A Dream Dreamed in the Presence of Reason – Image by Christy Lee Rogers

Alive – Image by Christy Lee Rogers

Apparition – Image by Christy Lee Rogers

Cloud Nine – Image by Christy Lee Rogers

Born in Hawaii, USA, Christy Lee Rogers is a pioneer in underwater photographic style and technique, earning her international acclaim.

Her work embraces the unique quality of light refraction between the surface and layers of water, and her personal approach is to honor and explore the frailty of our existence within the elements around us.

Muses is apt as Rogers notes she is obsessed with the transformative qualities of water, indeed water is her muse.

Dreamland – Image by Christy Lee Rogers

Harmony – Image by Christy Lee Rogers

Imagine – Image by Christy Lee Rogers

Lost Myself Again Today – Image by Christy Lee Rogers

Love Live – Image by Christy Lee Rogers

Hints Of The Renaissance

The colors and cascading bodies take on late Renaissance and Baroque tones, with chiaroscuro contrasts of light and darkness creating movement and purpose within each scene. 

As “The Independent” (newspaper) in London has described of her earlier works, “The ethereal payoff is indeed redolent of a mix of Masters – the vivid hues of Titian, the straining bodies of Rubens, the sun-dappling chiaroscuro of Caravaggio, but also the loose brushstrokes and fluid movement of Delacroix; hints, too, of the Tiepolo-esque heavenly ascents adorning many an 18th-century Venetian chapel. 

Our Hopes and Expectations – Image by Christy Lee Rogers

Rhapsody – Image by Christy Lee Rogers

Soulmate – Image by Christy Lee Rogers

Here is the “Behind the Scenes” video for “Muses:”

And some behind the scenes images of Rogers in action

Pool – Image by Christy Lee Rogers

Here is what Rogers has to say about her love for water:

“I love water and I’m happy when it’s raining, so it was a natural bond.  And I grew up surrounded by water, on the island of Oahu. 

I was first drawn to these natural dichotomies in water of freedom, weightlessness, space, and serenity and then on the other side – an inability to breath, vulnerability, pressure and chaos; so it’s a powerful tool to express these same manifestations in life and especially in mankind.

We’re all so connected to water, made up of water and given life by water, so it should be important.  But we do take it for granted, and pollute our oceans and rivers like ravage animals.  My images are only made possible with the water as an artistic source and tool.  It’s like in the movie “Moana”, where the water comes to life”

The Elements – Image by Christy Lee Rogers

The Moon And The Sun – Image by Christy Lee Rogers

The Reunion of Cathryn Carrie and Jean – Image by Christy Lee Rogers

The Space Time Continuum – Image by Christy Lee Rogers

About the Artist:

Christy Lee Rogers is an International visual artist from Kailua, Hawaii, living in Nashville, Tennessee. Her obsession with water as a medium for breaking the conventions of contemporary photography has led to her work being compared to Baroque painting masters like Caravaggio. 

Rogers’ works have been exhibited internationally from Paris, London, Italy, Mexico City, South Africa to Shanghai, Sao Paulo, Los Angeles and more, and are held in private and public collections throughout the world. She has been featured in International Magazines, including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar Art China, Elle Decoration, Global Times, The Independent, Casa Vogue, Photo Technique, Photo Korea and others. Rogers’ “Reckless Unbound” is currently housed at Longleat House in the UK; the stately home, which is the seat of the Marquesses of Bath and also home to Renaissance gems of the Italian masters, like Titan’s “Rest on the Flight into Egypt.”  

Rogers' art has been featured on several music album covers, and in 2013, her images were selected for the 2013–2014 performance season of the Angers-Nantes Opera in France. 


Rogers’ works can be found on her website and social media accounts below:

  1. Christy Lee Rogers’ Website
  2. Christy Lee Rogers on Instagram
  3. Christy Lee Rogers’ Facebook Page
  4. You can check out the video collection of her photoshoots here


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