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The world of photography has been very active this week, with new articles and photographs being published everywhere that represent the very best the field has to share. This weeks list of links is composed of tutorials, special features, and great photography, all hand-curated by Toad Hollow Photography to ensure that there is something here for everyone. We really hope you like this weeks list as much as the Toad did in bringing it to you.


A Brief Introduction To Adobe Photoshop – this primer article is published here on Light Stalking, and it discusses a short overview of Photoshop, what it does, and how to interpret the interface as a new user. Screenshots included throughout the article shows you the various items covered, helping to reveal a few of the mysteries of this very powerful image production software.


How to Create More Visually Interesting Street Photography – this article will take you from 0 to 60 in a moment as you learn about some of the basic premises behind capturing great candid street photography. Sample shots are included as you read along, helping you to see how to apply the concepts in your own work.

Learn how to do three-point lighting like a pro – a brief 7-minute video presentation is embedded in this primer article that covers a simple portrait lighting setup. Each step is explained in detail in both the article and video, making it much easier to visualize how to apply this yourself while shooting portraits.

Anja Pietsch
Anja Pietsch

An Easy Tutorial for Getting a Great Wedding Photo – check out this short video presentation that talks about how to get a great wedding photo, every time. There are, of course, countless opportunities for great images during these celebrations, and with this concept in your pocket, you are guaranteed to come away with a winner of a shot.

9 Tips for Shooting Stunning Cityscapes: Steps in Urban Photography – capturing stunning cityscapes is something that most everyone wants to try at some point in their photography practice. This short article covers 9 tips and tricks and includes some absolutely amazing examples to help get you started.

Коля Саныч
Коля Саныч

Three Methods to Convert Photos to Black and White in Lightroom – black-and-white images will always be a genre of photography that is in-style, with applications both personally as well as professionally. This 15-minute video tutorial covers three different ways of performing this transformation in Lightroom, giving you the tools you need to apply the method that works best for your desired results.

How to Store and Handle Old Photos Without Damaging Them – many of us have access to old family or archival photographs, and knowing how best to handle them is important in terms of maintaining them for future generations to enjoy. This short video presentation takes us through doing this in less than 5 minutes.


Grizzly Bear Photography in Khutzeymateen British Columbia – our love for Grizzly Bears is no real secret, so when we see posts like this one published here by Anne McKinnell we dive into it with all our hearts. Anne’s adventures result in a stunning series of intimate and candid shots of these amazing creatures in their natural habitats, living undisturbed as they have for years. For those who love wildlife photography, you won’t want to miss checking this post out.

Rolf Dietrich Brecher
Rolf Dietrich Brecher

Photography at 200mph – An interview with motorsports photographer Kurt Bradley – the fast-paced life of a race photographer comes alive in the great interview with a leader in the field today. This behind-the-scenes look at how someone goes about working in this specific genre of photography provides amazing insight and inspiration for those of us who love this style.

The Ultimate Guide To Taking Beautiful Pictures – with so much great learning material published online in the field of photography, it sure is great to have an article that compiles some of the best pieces into a singular list that discusses the intricacies of getting great shots. This article covers several key topics in regards to capturing great shots by sharing a select list of links to great resources covering various aspects of photography.


How I Found My Niche in Professional Photography – this in-depth interview features insights from a professional photographer working in the field today with a focus on large-scale industrial and architectural subjects. A great selection of sample photographs is included as the article progresses, instantly giving visual feedback and a touch of inspiration for those looking to set out on a career of their own.

The dark world of Thomas G. Anderson will make you turn the lights on – prepare to be utterly creeped out in this collection of photographs from a well-known horror photographer. These dark images are framed by the interview of the artist, giving you a little insight into what drives someone to makes images like this.


Castle – Germany is well known for its old buildings and castles, making it a perfect location to head to when looking for these character-rich structures. Pascal Schirmer captures and shares a terrific shot of a massive ancient castle that features a stunning reflection in a still body of water that sits in the foreground.

Curtis Jones
Curtis Jones

Morning Beauty – Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming – this incredible photograph of the world-famous Teton Mountains comes to us from Len Saltiel who shares some personal insights into the experiences he has while photographing these subjects alongside the image itself. The picture features beautiful golden light as it dances across the mountain tops, creating drama and a sense of depth that adds to the natural majestic beauty of the setting.

Grass Roofs – Daniel Casson uses a cinematic post-processing technique with this shot to highlight the feel of the location that features buildings and homes with grass roofs sitting in front of a dramatic mountain. A wonderful waterfall rushes down in the backdrop, adding a perfect element to the shot.

Moody Haifoss – let’s head over to Iceland where a world-famous waterfall dominates a rugged landscape created by eons of erosion. Johannes Hulsch’s shot takes advantage of the low lying fog that creates a muted veil over the setting, adding an ethereal feel to a shot that reveals a breathtaking view.

Seward Harbor Aerial – Ron Niebrugge shares a terrific downward looking shot of a marina lined with boats captured in Alaska. The lines from the docks and the shapes of the boats work in harmony together to create an almost abstract looking image at first glance that also has terrific detail when looked at more closely.


Autumn Tracks – all the wonder and romance of a steam locomotive comes to life in this beautiful themed shot by Alexander Riek. As the train rounds the corner of the tracks and heads towards the camera billowing smoke, a canopy of beautiful autumn colors helps to create a frame for the scene.

Moraine Lake is gorgeous! – the Canadian Rocky Mountains are a very frequently photographed collection of mountains that reveals different personalities and sights with the changing seasons and weather. This shot was captured and shared by Jim Nix and showcases some of the intense dramatic beauty the region has to offer to those who make the trip.

Angelo Brathot
Angelo Brathot

Trillium Lake at Dawn – beautiful colors and tones dance across a still lake in the early morning in this delightful photograph by Angela Chong. A lone duck slowly drifts across the water creating a gentle wake as a thin fog covers the scene to add to the incredible sense of tranquility captured here.

Street art à la Butte-aux-Cailles: “le retour (1)” – Mathias Lucas shares a terrific collection of photographs featuring various subjects and vignettes captured on the streets in France. These colorful and thoughtful compositions and vignettes showcase different aspects of life in the region, and when enjoyed as a set they also tell a wonderful story through a visual medium.

Allan Hack

New boys on the block – you can’t help but marvel when you see this terrific photo of a trio of young owls sitting about as a low sun paints the landscape around them. Jon Albert captures them at the perfect moment in this shot, as two of the feathered creatures stare back at the camera and one stares off camera right at something that has caught its eye.

Ghost Signs – Lisa Gordon does a wonderful job of capturing a set of photographs depicting various “ghost signs” in her area. These painted logos and ads on the side of buildings were completed years ago, and time has caused them to fade and weather, adding to the rich artistic tension that may soon disappear from the community’s vernacular.

Dubai – a vibrant sunset paints the sky in incredible colors as the contemporary and dramatic architecture of this famous city casts incredible forms in this amazing shot by Herbert A. Franke. Crisp details in the buildings draw the viewer into this frame where terrific features and elements await discovery.

Regional Transit Authority – if you are waiting at the stop for this particular bus, you’re likely to be late for your appointment. Check out this terrific black-and-white shot from Michael Criswell of a long unused bus sitting in a nest of vegetation as time continues to ravage it through the art of decay and rust.

Bled Sunrise – Rossano Ferrari finds a terrific elevated perspective to capture this beautiful lake in Slovenia, finding a stunning sunrise full of color and joy articulated by an amazing sunburst in the photograph. As you take in the image, the tiny island in the middle of the lake that houses an ancient monastery creates a stunning anchor into the shot itself.

Timothy Neesam
Timothy Neesam

Limestone Anchorage II – west coast photographer Ehpem shares a terrific monochromatic shot that looks out over the still waters of the ocean with a pair of dark islands or land masses standing as silhouettes against the sky. The waters create gentle rippled reflections of the seascape, adding a wonderful finishing element to this composition.

we missed the red tram – a quintessential winter scene greets the viewer in this amazing photograph captured during a snowstorm in the heart of a city. A red tram makes it way down the road as pedestrians walk amongst the snowflakes, creating an image that is an instant classic from e&e photography.

Harvest Moon – a beautiful color palette covers the sky as a huge full moon lingers in the sky above the silhouetted landscape below in this shot from JayJacy Photography. A thin band of clouds creates a great texture for the colors to play with, making this picture stand out as a dramatic and beautiful example of nature’s light play.

autumn light – a muted reflection fills the front portion of this photograph as incredible colors in the autumn leaves on the trees that lead down to the pool dominate the back portion. Tiger Seo’s shot is full of rich details, adding to the inherent beauty of a fall scene.

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