Couple Duped by Alleged Fake Wedding Photographer Using a Stock Photo Portfolio


Scams in the photography world are more common than many of us would like to admit – or even imagine.

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Photo by Emma Bauso from Pexels.

One of the more common routes is to fake your credentials in order to score a few lucrative gigs before you’re found out as a fraud.

This commonly plagues wedding and event photography, among others, and is a scourge for those professionals who dedicate themselves to perfecting their craft and producing amazing output for their clients.

One couple in the United Kingdom is alleging that they were duped by a photographer using stock photos as her portfolio and, because of this, ended up wasting a bunch of money on what the clients called “poor quality” photos.

Now, we know what you’re thinking, that could be subjective.

And we agree with you on that.

But, thankfully, we’ve got a collection of work to judge for ourselves and, being lovers of democracy and mob opinion that we are, we’re going to let you judge the photos.

You can view them by clicking here and letting us know what you think in the comments below.

One thing that immediately stands out is that, though it is a simple ceremony, a gifted photographer could have added some extra magic into what was captured.

We’re not going to go into that now but, needless to say, the couple was angry and is warning others about said photographer.

As PetaPixel points out, the original article that appeared on The Sun has since been removed possibly because the photographer is challenging the case.

Since the photographer is unnamed we don’t have much else to go on in that area.

As many people are pointing out in the comments, maybe this will make people more wary about what photographer they choose for their special day as well as underline the importance of credentialing and verifying those documents.

What do you think?

Caveat emptor or just another example of a bad photographer passing off quality work as their own? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Those pictures are not even close to something I would call photographer quality. I wouldn’t pay any coin for pictures my 6 years old could do better!

Yes, it’s a simple wedding, with few guests & basic room, but then the photographer seems to have forgotten the basic rules of photography. Composition, lighting, straight lines, positioning, in focus, etc
Did she “scope out” the venue beforehand to see what issues she’d have? Looks like a first timer to me, and very inexperienced in the art of photography. If she’s a scam artist, then better to name & shame!
This is why I’d never do weddings, too much pressure to get it right & so much that could go wrong.

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