These Are Cyber Monday’s Most Insane Photography Discounts


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the biggest days of the year on the calendar for photographers looking for a bargain. 2018 has been one of the biggest years ever. Make sure you get a bit of the action before it’s back to normal. Here are our favourites so far.

Master Trick Photograpy With Wow Factor Photography

Discount: 60%

“Wow Factor Photography” is a 30 day photography project video course, on the art of photo creativity. It shows you how to capture world-class images without being a pro photographer, and in the comfort of your home.

Grab it here

Nail Powerful Compositions with Action Cards: Composition Set

Discount: 83%

These Action Cards discuss a photographic composition topic, provide you with suggested considerations, and give you SPECIFIC photographic assignments.

Grab it here.

Take Pro Level Shots on an iPhone with iPhone Photography School

Discount: 95%

If you’d like to take better photos with your iPhone than most people can take with a DSLR, this might be the most important page you’re going to read in a long time…

Grab it here.

Take Lessons into the Field With Snap Cards – Essentials

Discount: 81%

Introducing… Snap Cards: Essentials – 20 printable key photography lessons that you can take with you anywhere!

Grab them here.

Master Lightroom with a Pro with Decoding Lightroom

Discount: 54%

The Decoding Lightroom Video eCourse contains over 5 hours of training videos that are easy to understand. The whole ecourse is split into 20+ lessons so you can jump straight to what you want to learn and re-watch lessons anytime.

Let award-winning photographer, author, & instructor Adam Welch take you through all the modules, sections, sliders, and panels found in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC.

Grab them here.

Learn With Each Project with Action Cards: Genre Set

Discount: 82%

These Action Cards discuss a photographic topic, provide you with suggested considerations, and give you SPECIFIC photographic assignments.

Grab them here.

Cement the Fundamentals of Photography with Easy DSLR

Discount: 90%

On one side it's about knowing the Settings and Techniques so you can get the Best RAW materials for a Great Photo – it's important to make sure you have captured a good Exposure, Focus where you want it (or Blur for that matter) and a pleasing arrangement of objects or subjects in the shot.

The other side is taking the RAW photo (literally I use the RAW format) and then Producing the Best possible Image by using Adobe Lightroom's Tools.

Grab it here.

Take Your Post Production to the Next Level with Effortless Editing

Discount: 60%

Effortless Editing is a High Definition video course on the art of Lightroom processing. It shows you how to edit magazine-quality images without being a pro photographer and without burning hours away at a screen.

Grab it here.

Improve Project by Project with Action Cards: Stretch Goals Set

Discount: 71%

Challenge Yourself And Stretch Your Photographic Comfort Zone With This Project-Based Photography Learning Tool!

20 beautifully designed & printable project sheets that will give you over 60 new photography assignments, forcing you to dig deeper into your creative skillset as a photographer.

Grab them here.

Master Timelapse Movies with Total Timelapse

Discount: 68%

Total Time-Lapse is a High Definition video course on the art of time-lapse photography. It shows you how to create world-class movies without being a pro photographer and without buying expensive gear.

Grab them here.

Found any other great deals we should know about? Drop them in the comments!

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