D-ID’s New App Creates a Photorealistic AI Avatar for OpenAI’s ChatGPT


The company behind Deep Nostalgia has just released a new app that will allow users to speak with a “photo-realistic“ AI human avatar.

robot playing piano
A robot playing piano keyboard with black and white keys on blue background. Photo by Possessed Photography

Another of the many advances that we have covered recently in artificial intelligence, this app appears to be the combination of ChatGPT and that service we covered a few weeks back that would allow loved ones to speak with a hologram of a deceased relative.

In fact, the service uses that exact technology. Powered by ChatGPT, D-ID’s platform currently uses avatars that are anonymous but promises to allow individual photos to be uploaded and transformed into an AI avatar in the future.

The real innovation here is that the app takes the chatbot texts and translates those words into speech, providing a synthetic human experience that mimics or simulates a face-to-face conversation with another individual.

Currently, the default avatar “Alice” greets users upon logging in, and, as with ChatGPT, users can enter their query or even speak their query into a microphone and have “Alice” answer the question.

Speaking with TechCrunch, D-ID CEO Gil Perry commented, “ We are wired to communicate with faces, we understand the situation better when we do. We feel more comfortable and we can observe complex information better when we’re in what feels like a real scenario. Video is more effective than text, so the app increases the power of large language models by adding a face.”

While it is in its early stages, the tech is pretty impressive so far if somewhat still in the uncanny valley range. But, with improvement, who knows where we could end up seeing this kind of thing in the future.

You can check out a demonstration of the technology here on YouTube at this link

As usual, we would love to know your thoughts on this AI avatar, and the potential to generate AI avatars using user photographs in the comments below

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