7 Articles On The Desirable Qualities Every Good Photographer Should Have


Besides knowing to use a camera, a photographer needs to have certain qualities in order to be successful. Some of the characteristics are creativity, patience, willingness to learn, an eye for detail, passion, openness to constructive critiques, and many more. The views and thoughts on this topic may differ and hence we have put together a collection of articles that highlight some desirable qualities every good photographer should have.

outdoor photographer
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1. 5 Desirable Qualities Every Good Photographer Should Have

If one is looking for specifics, being a good photographer depends on the type of photography because every niche demands different qualities. Some qualities always overlap over genres. This article from Adorama talks about five desirable qualities every good photographer should have.

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2. The 36 Qualities That Define a Good Photographer

In order to be a good photographer, it takes more than having a camera and technical skills. Whatever the kind of photography you excel in or the photography-related job you work in, there are a few qualities photographers should cultivate in order to be a good photographer. This article from Guillen Photo talks about 36 qualities that define a good photographer.

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3. Personal Qualities You Need to Have to Become a Successful Commercial Photographer

If you wish to be a successful commercial photographer, there are some traits that you should portray and follow. It is a combination of a few qualities that you need to improve or are willing to work towards improving. This article from Pro Photo Studio talks about some personal qualities of commercial photographers and provides practical advice on how to break into this field and what skills you will need in order to succeed.

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4. The Two Most Important Traits of a Landscape Photographer

Once you have improved and developed your skills and characteristics as a good photographer, you need to focus on your specific genre and level up. Landscape photographers may work slightly differently compared to photographers that shoot other genres. This article from Fstoppers talks about the two most important traits of a landscape photographer.

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5. 3 Critical People Skills Portrait Photographers Need

Portrait photographers are constantly working with people and they need to be skilled in the way they treat their subjects or clients. It is important for them to make the entire session a truly enjoyable and comfortable experience. This article from Digital Photography School talks about what it takes for a portrait photographer to create a wonderful experience for their subject.

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6. The 5 Traits of Great Street Photographers

Street photography is a complicated genre and every scene, location and person is different. A street photographer needs to approach each situation differently and be ready to capture things that are unfolding constantly in front of them. This article from Eric Kim Photography talks about 5 practical tips, insights, and traits that you can cultivate to take your street photography to the next level.

street photographer
Photo by Jamaal Cooks 

7. The Top 10 Traits of the Best Wildlife Photographers

Wildlife photography although challenging, is an extremely fun and rewarding genre of photography. Dealing with unpredictable and moving subjects in the wild comes with its own challenges and hurdles and there are a lot more things that need to be taken care of in order to be a successful wildlife photographer. This video by Steve Perry in Imaging Resources talks about the top 10 traits of the best wildlife photographers.

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Photo by Vicky Sim

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