DJI Possibly Developing Small FPV Drone


It looks like DJI is developing a small FPV drone according to leaked documents from various websites that cover this sort of thing.

man flying a drone while holding remote
A man flying a DJI drone while holding remote. Photo by Spencer Davis

In what PetaPixel likens to a small “racing drone” body style, the DJI Avata is supposedly going to be smaller, lighter, and faster than the company’s other drones according to that website.

What does that mean exactly? Twitter account @DealsDrone summarizes the relevant features we can expect from the device:

Avata is compact and weighs about 500g
Can fly indoors
The photo quality is much better (guess that the Mini 3 Pro is the same)
Greatly improved battery life
Manual mode is not supported
Head chase mode
Vibration function
Touchpad for glasses menu
Glasses can connect to phone

You can read the Tweet stream here.

And, to be fair, it isn’t like any of this is out of the blue; some DJI watchers have predicted just such a device for some time.

Specifically aimed at “aerial photographers,” the DJI Avata “is meant to be a cinewhoop-style drone, or a drone with a camera that’s usually custom-built for maneuverability in small, indoor spaces” according to The Verge which also explains that the combined word cinewhoop comes from the words cinematic and colloquial term whoop for drone aircraft.

When can we expect to see the Avata? Sources point towards late summer 2022 with many websites using a July through August timeframe. Although, as we’ve reported for the past two years, getting new products to market is more complicated now than not so we wouldn’t be surprised if a delay or two arrived between now and then but we’ll see. Of course, we’ll be sure to bring you word of the DJI Avata whenever it becomes official.

What do you think of a possible DJI FPV drone? What would you like to see in terms of drone technology over the next year? Let us know in the comments.

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