Drone Pilot Creates His Own “Google Streetview” in Mauritius


With Olympus selling off its camera division and the general vibe in the world right now, we thought you could really use some good news.

aerial photo of island
Photo by Michal Marek from Pexels.

Reuben Pillay is here to bring us just that and his novel use of his drone to map out the island of Mauritius serves as an inspiration to us all – particularly those of us still struggling to get a project off of the ground.

Noticing that Mauritius didn’t have a Google Streetview like so many other places in the world. Pillay began to do the hard work on his own and the results basically speak for themselves.

“I have used Google Street View before, but it’s not available for my little island — the Google street car never made it here. All we have on Google Earth is images from a lot of different people and the general quality isn’t necessarily good […] I wanted to create something with much better uniform quality. A place where you’d get decent images every time you’d click and a way for people to leave memories they’ve had at these places,” Pillay told PetaPixel.

You can view his efforts by clicking here.

Pillay continued, “This was actually the first website I ever built, the first domain I ever purchased and the first hosting server I ever ‘bought.’ I had no prior experience in doing any of that, but it was fun discovering all this, and to be honest, being confined at home during the COVID outbreak really helped in getting me focused on this. All I want for now is that people discover my island and hopeful that’ll bring tourists over here once we re-open our airspace and this COVID situation is out of the way.”

What do you think of this innovative drone pilot’s use of his UAV to map out Mauritius’ roads? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Dear Kehl,

Many thanks for your wonderful take on my website above 🙂 Makes me very happy to read your words! Came as a total surprise – Big thanks!

You may use screenshots from my website as illustrations in the article if you so wish.

Best Regards,

Reuben Pillay.

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