Drone Reaches 33k Feet High in the Sky and Captures Video of It All


Another day, another drone article and, like we’ve promised you in other posts about this topic, today’s feat bests the others for its outlandish execution and dangerous nature.

Drones are becoming a problem for civilian airspace and, left unregulated, pilots have taken advantage of the grey space between legal and illegal to capture some eye-popping footage and video. None more so than today’s drone pilot hailing from Russia.

Denis Koryakin flew his “hobbyist drone” well above the recommended 400 feet limit – all the way up to 33,000 feet, taking video of the surrounding area that is breathtaking.

Image via Pixabay from Pexels.com.

Internet commentary is mixed so far, as is typical in these instances, but opinion is divided between being impressed with the feat and condemnatory of the pilot’s recklessness.

The video, a link of to which will be provided below, is purportedly from an area of Siberia near the city of Strejevoi though this is not for certain. If so, there is little air traffic in this region as Peta Pixel notes. Further, Russian lay does not have altitude limits currently in place for drones. Still, it is not advised that people try this.

According to Koryakin, “the temperature outdoors [that] day was about -10° C. The minimum temperature during the flight was -50° C at around 8,000 meters (26,246 feet) altitude,” reports DIY Photography.

For those interested, Koryakin posted the following specs for his gear:

Reception: TrueRC 5.8GHz X²-AIR Antenna RHCP
Receiver: Furious True-D V3.5 Diversity Receiver System
Video transmission: Antenna FOXEER Thor 60mm RHCP / SMA PA1331
Video transmitter Matek VTX-HV
Motors: Cobra CM2206 / 1400
Regulators: T-Motor f30a
PC: Matek: f405-AIO
Propellers: Gemfan 7038
Battery: Build Li-ion 4s3p
WEIGHT: 1.06 kg

As with all outlandish drone stunts it will be interesting to see if this has an impact of any kind of regulations and laws in Russia regarding drone flight. While Koryakin performed this in Siberia, drone pilots in more urban areas should be careful when flying even below the recommended limits as drones have proven themselves capable of damage time and time again.

You can view the video on YouTube by clicking here.

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At some point, one of these drones being operated by a selfish individual who cares only about what they want- is going to down and kill a plane filled with people. That will be a very bad day.

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