Facebook Reels to Make Sharing Content from Other Platforms Way Easier Moving Forward


No one would argue that there are more options now for showing off your work than ever before.

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Photo by Rami Al-zayat

The only question is what platform to champion? After all, each has its strengths and weaknesses.

But those that make it easy to share across multiple apps often tend to have a special place in our hearts because it takes out so much of the work of managing multiple accounts. Facebook knows this and that’s why they’re opening up their TikTok-esque Reels to outside platforms.

From the blog post announcing the integration:

“Enabling Sharing to Reels makes it easy for people to share short-form videos directly to Facebook. Once integrated, third-party apps will have a Reels button so people can share short videos, then customize with Reels editing tools like audio, text, effects, captions and stickers. Instead of downloading their video content and uploading it later, they can now create and share video seamlessly with one tap of a button.”

Why is Facebook doing this now? According to the same blog post, Reels is their fastest-growing content medium. Those of you that have kept up with Facebook’s news on this website probably remember that the platform has had a time of it lately attracting a new (read: younger, hipper) audience. Reels is part of the effort to make that happen and, according to them, it seems to be working.

As for the apps that are already signed up for the Reels integration, Facebook names them and thanks them as well:

“As part of this launch, we’re excited to highlight partners like Smule, Vita, and VivaVideo who have integrated #SharingtoReels and are finding new ways for Creators to express themselves, grow their communities and reach new audiences.”

Do you use reels or any of its rival platforms? What’s your opinion on sharing one piece of content across multiple platforms? Is that an effective strategy or is focusing on one platform, like Instagram or YouTube, the better way to go? We’d love to know your thoughts on social media optimization in the comments below.

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