Fake FUJIFILM Color Negative Film Floating Around


Counterfeit products are the bane of any photographer’s existence, but few are as stupidly annoying as fake, low-quality knockoff film.

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A warning went out to Japanese consumers about some FUJIFILM Color Negative Film fakes in the local market and warning them to not use it if they’ve purchased it. Some of the lines that might be fake include 250D, 64D, 250T and 500T but there might also be others.

As for the source of the fakes, there is no word as of press. And fake film is no laughing matter. Fujifilm warns consumers that using fake film could result in damage output and will require a cleaning of the developing machine.

The company wrote in its advisory to consumers, “Please note that these products are packed with movie film inside the used 35mm patrone, and can not be developed with the normal color negative film development process (CN-16, C-41). If the photo shop develops, it may contaminate the developer and it may be necessary to change the solution and to clean the rack of the developing machine, which may lead to development failure of other customers’ films. In order to avoid these risks, the shop will refuse the development of non-genuine products.”

Fuji’s message concludes that they have made participating photo shops aware of the situation and that the company is not responsible for any damages caused by using the fake film – naturally.

Of course, as more information becomes available we will be sure to update you on this story.

Have you used fake products on accident? What was the result? Let us know your story in the comments section below.

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