Fake Model in Weird Outfits Fools London Fashion Week Photographers, Becomes Sensation


Fashion week is the time of the year when high street fashion houses show off their latest in haute couture.

To those of us on the outside, it can often look like a cross between carnival and Halloween but, nonetheless, concepts are often introduced at these shows in extreme ways that then filter down to consumers in tomorrow’s more tone-downed fads.

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Or at least that’s the theory.

And, if you’re a comedy duo on YouTube, it’s a situation ripe for exploitation, Sacha Baron Cohen style.

YouTubers Zac and Jay decided to satirize the whole thing and see how far they could take it at this year’s London Fashion Week.

They took it a lot further than they expected, to put it mildly.

Or maybe the photographers were more than willing to participate in the ruse?

Enlisting the help of “fake model” Max Fosh, Zac and Jay put together ridiculous outfits for Fosh to prance around in to get the attention of fashion week photogs in attendance at London Fashion Week 2019.

They then gave him a ridiculous backstory as newly minted 16-year-old superstar model Maximilian Bucharest.

You really can’t make this stuff up.

Well, you can, but the part about other people buying it…that you can’t make up.

What is amazing is that they didn't need much more than this thin premise to cause a stir.

That says something about hype and the power of the fear of missing out, among other things.

Fake superstar model Max Bucharest then fooled photographers over the course of two days.

Naturally, being on YouTube, Zac and Jay cataloged the whole thing for us on video.

Describing the sensation their faux model caused, Zac and Jay said, “The photographers were out in force, risking life and limb standing in the busy road…But they didn’t care. The hottest man in fashion was in town.”

You can watch the whole thing go down here on Zac and Jay’s YouTube channel.

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