Fake Photographer Attempts to Kidnap Newborn Baby


It’s a scary world out there and this story pretty much reinforces that notion.

baby lying on white fur with brown blanket
Photo by Kelvin Octa from Pexels.

Apparently a woman was posing as a newborn photographer for the explicit purpose of kidnapping a child police in Pierce County, Washington reported.

PetaPixel reports that the kidnapper went under the names “Juliette Parker”, “Juliette Noel,” and “Juliette Gains” and advertised as an inexperienced newborn photographer looking to build up her portfolio. The victim she contacted had the would-be photographer in her house no less than three times.

The kidnapper, working with her 18-year-old daughter accomplice, drugged the woman on the third visit with a laced cupcake but the victim noticed something was amiss and dismissed the two criminals before the effects of the drugged food took hold. It was then that the victim also noted her house keys were stolen.

Per the police report on the situation:

“The suspect reportedly came to the victim’s residence on three occasions to photograph her newborn baby. The suspect was observed taking cell phone selfies with the victim’s baby and was seen wiping her fingerprints off items she touched inside the victim’s home. During the third incident, the suspect and the suspect’s teenage daughter gave the victim a cupcake to eat; the victim reported feeling numb and drowsy immediately after eating the cupcake. The victim told the suspect and her daughter to leave her home. After they left, the victim noticed that the suspect had stolen her house keys.”

Authorities have apprehended the fake photographer and have determined that she was targeting female newborn babies five weeks old and younger to kidnap and take across state lines where she planned to pretend the child was her own, Detective Ed Troyer told local news outlet NBC4.

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This sentence needs to be reworked, part of it seems missing:
After contacting authorities, who were able to track down the fake photographer and her other victims.

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