35 Photos That Use Fences for Clever Composition

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In outdoor photography, fences offer a convenient element to use to compose an image. From using them to lead the eye along leading lines through to making them an obvious aid to composing with the rule of thirds, using a well placed fence line can make life a lot easier for the photographer. These examples show what can be done with a well placed fence. Use them as inspiration for composing your next outdoor shot.

fence by jenny downing, on Flickr

the final Cut by Robb North, on Flickr

scituate lighthouse by shoothead, on Flickr

purple mountains by joiseyshowaa, on Flickr

morning mist by Robb North, on Flickr

The Eye by John Steven Fernandez, on Flickr

Trees and fence by Tambako the Jaguar, on Flickr

Patterns in a fence by Steve-h, on Flickr

Cochrane Hill Sunset – 1 by D'Arcy Norman, on Flickr

Drama by Astragony, on Flickr

The fugitive sun – Ήλιος δραπέτης by Elenapaint, on Flickr

Congo by babasteve, on Flickr

My Harry Potter Moment? | 101223-8264-jikatu by jikatu, on Flickr

Undulating fence by The Wandering Angel, on Flickr

Taking it all in….. by atomicpuppy68, on Flickr

Washing Line by Nanagyei, on Flickr

Palouse Horse by skedonk, on Flickr

Behind The Wire Fence by josemanuelerre, on Flickr

The Line Up…… by Nanagyei, on Flickr

barb wire sunset by joeri-c, on Flickr

Boundary – Boulder by joiseyshowaa, on Flickr

Summer field by joiseyshowaa, on Flickr

Fence-keh by Steve-h, on Flickr

Spanish fence-keh by Steve-h, on Flickr

rail fence by mamnaimie, on Flickr

Entangled by Nanagyei, on Flickr

Frozen Wire 2 by mouldkevin, on Flickr

post and rail in snow by jajoIII, on Flickr

Kimono Kitty Walking on A Fence Day ThirtyFour (34/365) by Pink Sherbet Photography, on Flickr

Focus? by OUCHcharley, on Flickr

Wire – Flagstaff Arizona by Logan Brumm Photography and Design, on Flickr

sitting on the fence by kenny barker, on Flickr

Jailbird by Ian Sane, on Flickr

Untitled by ashraful kadir, on Flickr

Barbed wire Fenceline by tibchris, on Flickr


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