15 Photos That Use Fences for Clever Composition


In outdoor photography, fences offer a convenient element to use to compose an image. From using them to lead the eye along leading lines through to making them an obvious aid to composing with the rule of thirds, using a well placed fence line can make life a lot easier for the photographer. These examples show what can be done with a well placed fence. Use them as inspiration for composing your next outdoor shot.


[url=”https://www.flickr.com/photos/jenny-pics/3141539789/”]fence[/url] by [url=”https://www.flickr.com/people/jenny-pics/”]jenny downing[/url], on Flickr



the final Cut by Robb North, on Flickr


scituate lighthouse by shoothead, on Flickr


purple mountains by joiseyshowaa, on Flickr


morning mist by Robb North, on Flickr


Trees and fence by Tambako the Jaguar, on Flickr


Patterns in a fence by Steve-h, on Flickr


Congo by babasteve, on Flickr


My Harry Potter Moment? | 101223-8264-jikatu by jikatu, on Flickr


Undulating fence by The Wandering Angel, on Flickr


Taking it all in….. by atomicpuppy68, on Flickr


Washing Line by Nanagyei, on Flickr


Palouse Horse by skedonk, on Flickr


The Line Up…… by Nanagyei, on Flickr


barb wire sunset by joeri-c, on Flickr

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Taking it all in is my fav for sure…I love when a piece of art seems to have a story to it and the person standing there reflecting on the view really intrigues me for sure!

I also like fences though:

ooops sorry duplicated. I didn’t see the pic show up i comment box then I realized there was a link. Please delete one….Thank you!

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