Flickr Debuts New Pic Printing Business


Flickr is adding to its suite of services for photographers, and this one should make it easier to obtain high quality photo prints if you don’t already have a solution for that problem.

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Flickr is premiering its new photo printing service today and promises users high-quality prints that can be ordered either through its app or online through a web browser. Flickr worked together with new owner SmugMug to develop the service. Among the surfaces available include canvas, paper, and even metal prints. There will also be a variety of size and style options available with shipping direct to your door or some other specified address.

As for why Flickr is pushing this kind of new initiative, the company said in a release: “We’re committed to making Flickr your be-all home for photography and this is just one more step to giving photographers better ways to let their photos live beyond the pixel. We are partnering with some of the best photo labs on the planet (Bay Photo, Loxley Colour, and White House Custom Color) to make sure that no matter what size or shape your print, you’re getting professional quality prints each and every time.”

Once the dominant force on the web in the photography realm, Flickr has faced some challenges after a slew of owners before settling in with SmugMug. Nonetheless, the brand has serious cachet among some of us and the convenience of having prints made from your Flickr library might be appealing to those of us who make a living off of selling our work.

What do you think? Do you use Flickr? Does the new photo printing service sound like something you would use? Let us know in the comments below.

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