Food Photography That Makes Your Mouth Water: 15 Great Examples


Food is an amazing subject matter for photographers, that allows us to explore depth of field and lighting in a controlled environment. For photographers, it's a way to capture what it is we're going to eat, a one-time only piece of art that will be consumed and vanish never to be seen exactly the same way again.  Macro, still life, in-motion, food can do it all and it's something we all have access to right now meaning we can practice at any time. These fifteen great examples offer some great inspiration for the budding food photographer.

White Raspberries and Fig

Photo By libraryman

A Messy Milkshake Recipe

Photo By echo0101

inside the beast

Photo By Darwin Bell

strawberry impact

Photo By shoothead

Take Me To Your Fruity Leader

Photo By The Rocketeer

a gaggle of olives

Photo By Darwin Bell

oh, cherry

Photo By atomicshark

scotch egg

Photo By chotda

Inner Life

Photo By ecstaticist

mango cheesecake

Photo By chotda


Photo By [cipher]

coffee & tirami-su = splash

Photo By dongga BS

Devil's Food Mint Chocolate Brownie Cupcakes

Photo by Windy Sydney

Miniature food - Bread

Photo by PetitPlat

i am my own food group

Photo by Theilr

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