Fuji Brings Pixel Shift Multi-Shot to the GFX100, Can Combine 16 RAW Images Into Massive 400 MP


Fujifilm just released a massive firmware update for their GFX100 camera and it gives users some pretty impressive new features.

Photo by GFX100 from Fuji.

First but not least among them is the headliner: You can now string together 16 RAW images for one massive 400 MP picture.

How this works is that the camera’s 102 MP sensor, the X Processor 4, and the IBIS partner together to shift the image sensor in 0.5 pixel increments as well as “record high-resolution RGB pixel information over the course of a 16 image capture,” PetaPixel reports. From there, the images are put into a new piece of software that the company calls the Pixel Shift Combiner.

As you can imagine, this shift is particularly useful for photographers that take product photos but also for archival purposes. But really we can’t think of anyone that wouldn’t appreciate Fuji’s new Pixel Shift Combiner feature.

One caveat to all of this is that this new feature does, by necessity, up the file size of the image quite substantially. If you’re working with an older system, these file sizes might choke your Photoshop to death. For comparison, PetaPixel compares a 100 MP photo at 51.5 megabytes with a 400 MP photo at 204.9 megabytes. Then again, if you’re working with a GFX100, you’re probably not hard up for cash to drop on a new computer if you need to do so (the cameras do start off at about $USD 9,999 after all).

You can check out all of the firmware updates for the GFX100 at this link here.

Do you own a GFX100? Were you thinking of purchasing one? How do you think this update will impact things? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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