Get Your Wallets Ready: NASA Red Number Prints of the 1969 Moon Landing Up for Auction at Sotheby’s


This year has been one long celebration of the momentous moon landing that took place back in 1969.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels.

And, for a few well-heeled among us, it has also been a year of absolutely once-in-a-lifetime buys at the auction house when it comes to NASA paraphernalia related to the Apollo missions.

That shows no sign of letting up if Sotheby’s has anything to say about it as the famed auction house is bringing the original red number prints of the 1969 moon landing photos to the block as part of a 140 photo collection called the Space Photography block.

One hundred of the included photos are of the famed red number collection while the whole collection represents some of the biggest moments in space exploration history in the past several decades.

Among the photos included are the famous “Earth rise” shot and Buzz Aldrin’s epic shot at Tranquility Base. The collection not only includes shots from the Apollo missions but also the Gemini missions as well.

If you’d like to view what’s for sale, you can do that by heading over to Sotheby’s by clicking here.

The auction runs through December 3rd and, as many are pointing out, there are no reserve prices attached though no one is really looking at these photos for a bargain. Still, you could really get an awesome, historical photo at a relatively good price if you’re lucky.

What do you think? Are you interested in any NASA and Apollo mission photos or do you think stuff like this belongs in a museum? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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