Godox Comes Out Swinging in Denial of Stealing Profoto’s A1


We brought you the story a couple weeks back about Profoto accusing Godox of stealing its design for their V1 round-head flash.

Profoto even warned optical equipment merchants that, if they stocked Godox’s V1, they might face legal consequences.

profoto a
Image via Profoto.

This has prompted Godox to come out swinging to defend its V1 round-head flash, informing the public that it has not yet received any documentation from Profoto that demonstrates how the V1 infringes on the A1’s design.

Godox, instead, focused on Profoto’s decision to go directly to retailers first, stating, “Please note that we have not been provided any letter directly from Profoto nor have we been provided any patent application that we could review…We are extremely disappointed that Profoto reached out to our dealers rather than deal directly with us.”

In further response to Profoto’s allegations, Godox thinks that Profoto is attempting to sabotage Godox’s working relationships with retailers.

PetaPixel quotes the company as saying, “It is our opinion that they have done so with the intent to cause harm to our dealer relationships.”

The company also points to its own pending patents with the A1’s design. Godox further questions what legal rights Profoto might have with regard to its design.

“Profoto has no legal rights until their patents issue…It may be that their patent applications are not entitled to any patent protection.”

As PetaPixel points out, Godox is increasingly giving Profoto a run for their money in the photography accessories segment and this obviously can’t sit well with them.

There is also a huge price difference between the Profoto A1 and the Godox V1: The first costs about $USD 995 while the second costs approximately $USD 259 according to PetaPixel.

Do you own any Profoto products? What about Godox? Let us know your experiences (and opinions) in the comments below.

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