This Groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence Modifies Weather and Time of Day in Pictures

By Kehl Bayern / December 11, 2017

Artificial intelligence promises changes for our world that are beyond even our wildest dreams.

Some of these changes are welcomed, while others warn us of an awful future dominated by robot overlords who may or may not have our best interests in mind.

Whatever course the future of AI technology may take, today we want to introduce you to new, groundbreaking tech developed by NVIDIA Research that is capable of changing the weather and time of day in your digital photos.

You read that correctly – this AI can make scenes that never happened and is so powerful it change the weather in the past!

If you’re talking about a digital photograph that is.

Could expert, fully robot-guided photo retouching be far away?

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The technology, called “unsupervised image-to-image translation,” uses a newly developed AI framework capable of making high-quality image translations. In other words, it can transform a daytime photo into a nighttime photo or a bright summer day into a dark cold winter hour.

As DP Review explains in their article, “unsupervised” in this case means that the artificial intelligence that transforms the photos is not using a prior example that influences the outcome of the final photo. It is all very technical but what it boils down to is the AI is capable of using its own set of data to produce high-quality translations of digital photos without needing other digital photos to crib notes from during the process. In other words, you don’t have to tell this AI what a winter day looks like for it transform a summer daytime photo into a winter daytime photo.

The team has produced several before and after videos showing the photos undergoing their transformations. You can view those below.

Photo transformation 1.
Photo transformation 2.

They have also compiled a shareable photo album on Google. You can view that by clicking here.


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