A Hasselblad Camera That Uses Instant Film?


A Kickstarter project wants to enable your Hasselblad V camera to use Fujifilm Instax Square Film in a bid to merge the best of Sweden with one of the most beloved film lines straight out of Japan.

Hasselblad needs no introduction but it is legendary – established in 1841 in Gothenburg, Sweden, the company has produced top-of-the-line medium-format cameras since World War II, cameras that have photographed countless landscapes and even the Lunar surface itself.

The United States' Apollo program used modified Hasselblad cameras to take still pictures during the lunar landings, a mark of pride for the then-over-100-year-old company.

Fujifilm’s Instax line of film and compatible cameras was first introduced to the market in 1998.

Instax is a brand of instant film and instant still cameras comparable to Polaroid’s SX-70 system.

Image via Hasselblad Square Instant Film Back Kickstarter Project.

Instax Square film is Fujifilm’s latest offering in the Instax line and was launched this spring 2017 with an accompanying camera device, making the marriage of the classic Hasselblad camera and the new instant film an interesting proposition indeed.

The Hasselblad Square Instant Film Back Kickstarter project is geared towards photographers that want a low cost way to use Instax film with their Hasselblad V cameras. The back is a manual wind system and uses no batteries to keep costs to project sponsors and eventual consumers low.

The project creator, Alexander Dobble, describes the manufacturing process for the accessory on the project’s Kickstarter page: “Injection molded from ABS/PP blend with stainless steel rollers, we need £51000 to make it to production (the rest is shipping and kickstarter’s fee) . Tools for injection molded plastics are really expensive! There are 6 of them, mostly multi cavity, required to make this a reality. There’s also tooling for one custom sheet metal spring and the rest are off the shelf parts (screws, a torsion spring and a few tension springs).”

The project has a planned delivery date of August 2018.

You can check out the Hasselblad Square Instant Film Back project on Kickstarter by clicking here.

Image via Hasselblad Square Instant Film Back Kickstarter Project.

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