Hasselblad Cameras Now Within the Reach of More Photographers with Latest Program Announcement


Have you ever thought about Hasselblad cameras but are scared away by the prices attached to that gear?

Now even more budget-conscious photographers can consider adding a Hasselblad camera to their arsenal of gear with a new rental service recently announced by the company.

The rental service provides photographers with the opportunity to “try before you buy” with a Hasselblad camera in a move aimed at appealing to those considering purchasing a Hasselblad in the near future as well as those that would like to use the legendary, but pricey, gear for specific applications.

The program will include both cameras and lenses and that's not even the best part.

Like any good rental service, if the photographer decides she likes the camera, she can do just that. If purchased within fourteen days of the end of the camera's rental period, the price of the camera’s rental will be applied to the purchase price.

The first model to be offered on this service will be the Hasselblad X1D-50c.

Hasselblad X1D-50c image via Hasselblad.

Other Hasselblad cameras could be added in the future as demand grows and the company gets its bearings in the camera gear rental market.

The Hasselblad X1D-50c camera costs $USD 9000 at retail with compatible lenses also commanding thousands of dollars.

Hasselblad Marketing Manager Bronius Rudnickas had the following to say about the rental service’s rollout: “Owning a Hasselblad medium format camera system is a significant investment even for a successful high-paid photographer…Consequently, many professional photographers and enthusiasts haven’t had the opportunity to see what they’re able to create with Hasselblad’s medium format technology. The ‘Rent a Hasselblad’ program is designed to change that and we’re looking forward to seeing what photographers are able to produce having easier access to our photographic tools.”

Details on the program can be accessed at Hasselblad’s website by clicking here.

The service will be a global one, with prices starting at $USD 110 per day for a camera rental and $USD 30 for lens rentals.

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