Haul Your Camera and Six Lenses Around with Tenba’s DNA 15 Backpack


Hauling your gear around can be such a pain, right? Rarely does one choose style over quality and protection.

Of course, the best products don’t ask consumers to make that compromise.

Tenba bags are for those people who like to have it all – no compromises.

The first new addition to their iconic collection of bags in seven years, Tenba’s latest backpack for photographers, the DNA 15, promises ease-of-access and maximum storage for lugging your gear around, all built to Tenba’s rigorous durability standards.

Whether a maximalist or a minimalist in approach to gear, photographers everywhere agree that protecting it often trumps convenience of transport.

But just because that’s a secondary concern doesn’t mean there aren’t first class solutions on the market.

Image via Tenba.

The Tenba DNA 15 is a first-class solution and can carry almost as many passengers: Being able to hold a camera and up to six lenses, with a maximum lens size of roughly a standard full-frame 70-200mm F2.8, the Tenba is no slouch in the space department.

Designed with the rigors of a New York City bike messenger in mind, the DNA 15 bag is made out of a rugged, durable cloth material that allows for all-year, all-weather use and features a roll-top design that allows the photographer to scale up or down the size of the main compartment.

The bag also has a Fidlock magnetic clip, marketed as the “quickest clip in the world,” and a quick-access storage compartment with zip closures on the front. It is also lightweight, weighing approximately three pounds.

The bag comes in four colors, graphite, olive, copper, and cobalt, for a suggested retail price of $USD 199.95. The DNA 15 also comes in a slim variant and is available directly from Tenba.

The bag features:
– Compartment space for 4 to 6 Lenses
– Transport a 15” laptop
– Airport roller bag compatible
– Dual use as both a regular bag without the camera insert and a camera bag
– Adjustable shoulder straps

Image via Tenba.
Image via Tenba.

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