Here Comes the Huawei P50 with a 50MP Camera


Huawei’s new phones are on the way and they’re notable for a couple of reasons outside of the promised specs.

Photo by P50 Pro from Huawei.

For one, this will be the first pair of phones to utilize the company’s new Harmony OS – the operating system it developed in the wake of increased scrutiny from the United States government.

Second is the phone’s vaunted 50MP camera and correspondingly healthy bump.

Overall the specs look impressive, but the smartphone as a Harmony OS test case is likely to be what most people focus on moving forward.

Here’s what we’ve got on tap for the P50: A 6.5 inch OLED screen with a resolution of 2700 x 1224 pixels and a Snapdragon 888 4G processor.

This is joined by a Octa-core, 1 x [email protected] GHz + 3 x [email protected] GHz + 4 x [email protected] GHz CPU and Adreno 660 GPU. As far as memory, you get 8GB RAM and a 128 or 256GB hard drive.

The rear camera is 50MP True-Chroma Camera (Color, f/1.8 aperture), 13MP Ultra-Wide Angle Camera (f/2.2 aperture), and a 12MP Telephoto Camera (f/3.4 aperture, OIS) as well as support AF. The camera also has digital, optical, and hybrid zoom.

Image resolution goes up to 8192 x 6144 pixels while video heads up to 3840 x 2160 pixels, support 1080p@960fps ultra slow-motion video. The front camera is a 13MP Selfie Camera (Wide Angle, f/2.4) with image resolution reaching 4160 x 3120 pixels and video going to 3840 x 2160 pixel (supports 1080p@240fps slow-motion video).

For the P50 Pro, you get a larger 6.6 inch OLED screen at 2700 x 1228 pixels, a Snapdragon 888 4G processor with Octa-core, 1 x [email protected] GHz + 3 x [email protected] GHz + 4 x [email protected] GHz CPU, and an Adreno 660 GPU.

Memory is the same but maxed out on the pro version with 256GB ROM. The rear camera has 50MP True-Chroma Camera (Color, f/1.8 aperture, OIS) , 40MP True-Chroma Camera (MONO, f/1.6 aperture), 13MP Ultra-Wide Angle Camera (f/2.2 aperture), and 64MP Telephoto Camera (f/3.5 aperture, OIS) with support AF.

You’ve also got digital, optical, and hybrid zoom modes as well as 8192 x 6144 pixels picture resolution and 3840 x 2160 pixels (support at 1080p@960fps for ultra slow-motion video).

You can watch a video about the launch here on YouTube.

Pricing is about $USD 630 to $USD 930 for each model depending on the configuration.

What do you think of the Huawei P50? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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