High-waves, Peace Amidst Chaos and Beautiful Loons!


The proposition implying peace amidst chaos, sounds like quite a juxtaposition. By virtue of the Greeks, we can access a singular key for wrapping this contradiction; being ataraxy this definitive word. The first time I understood what this concept, was when Paula built her personal graduation project. Basically, the meaning of this ancient term refers to a state of serene calmness and ease of mind, especially in the face of darkness. It suggests composure when everyone else is at each other's throats; or more graphically, “this is fine”:

copyright – KC Green

Believe it or not, the meme has a deeper meaning and we are just getting a fraction of the whole story. So, for the last weekly challenge, Tersha suggested some street photography related articles for us to get some inspiration from. Now, imagine you are a street photographer with a thing for juxtaposition; and you are on a quest to capture the poetic contradiction of “peace amidst chaos”, how would you do it?

First you could seek bustling areas around you – busy intersections, crowded markets, construction sites, you name it! Then, scout for elements capable of denoting peace. This could be anything really, someone meditating or street-performing, a standing-still dove amidst a rushing background, anything. Composition-wise, consider enough breathing room to build the complete story; after all this is about peace within a particular context. And about exposure, anything between 1/2s and 1/15s would do the trick for capturing motion in a dynamic way.

The thread's still open, in case you want to swing by and contribute to building up this new concept we embrace!

Photo of the Week

Peace amongst 30+high waves.

copyright – logos189

And there's nothing else to say… Don't you think?

According to folklore, dreaming about huge waves is regularly interpreted as overwhelming emotions or situations as the fear of loss in control; or just anxiety about upcoming changes or challenges. Either way, this exquisite shot depicts overcoming such circumstances.

And just if you are interested in dream analysis, then this might be a good place to start.

Congrats @londavis, thanks for sharing such a high-quality photograph with us!

Weekly Photography Challenge Digest

Thanks, Tersha and Dahlia for pushing our creative boundaries one step forward every week!

For more visual examples on decay and resilience, check out the 702nd original challenge post!

copyright – Patrick
copyright – Patrick
copyright – beth
copyright – Tersha

A tired Special Olympian on a hot day, surrounded by coaches and staff to provide shade and calm place to sit.

copyright – Pat Garrett

A chaotic ride – calm at the center.

copyright – Pat Garrett

When life gets chaotic, head for the Fall Out Shelter (I didn’t even know we still had them…

copyright – Pat Garrett

In rolling seas and dense fog, the light remains and it’s foundation secured.

copyright – Pat Garrett
copyright – Kenneth Wong
copyright – Kenneth Wong
copyright – Kenneth Wong

A Highlight on the Latest Activity at our Community

Elin triggered an interesting conversation about how to decide when to delete files; it is a hard call to make! Swing by to share your thoughts or just to read what we've shared so far. Accompanying her prompt, this lovely shot can be found:

copyright – Elin Laxdal
copyright – Elin Laxdal
copyright – Elin Laxdal

She also shared a broader story on a pair of common loons or great northern divers that she's been stalking for the last three years.

Rob reminded us about the importance of keeping our batteries charged at all times!

And Tersha got creative with her bokeh skills:

copyright – Tersha

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