Holiday Scenes, Narrow DOF and more!


It's that time of the year 🎶🎄

The holiday season is for most people a bittersweet time-frame in which memories meet our current social circles. Usually, this means family and friends, a perfect subject for turning our cameras to those close by. Which happens to be one of the biggest ironies several photographers encounter. You see, some of us rarely turn our cameras toward everyday life, and that's just sad…

This takes me to a short anecdote. Back in 2014, I noticed the importance of taking photos of everyday life thanks to this magnificent book put together by Annie Leivobitz. After receiving a physical copy of it, I got inspired to capture the upcoming holidays with an open eye. The most special thing about those images is the meaning they have to me.

Last week, Dahlia and Tersha planned a winter photography challenge with the aim of capturing outdoor holiday scenes with a narrow depth of field! So yeah, a pretty narrow assignment as you can see! Our talented community embraced the challenge and here's a slow-cooked curation of those gorgeous shots. Expect Xmas bokeh, colour-temperature tweaks, filters, natural light and more!

But first, let's all give a special shout-out to Frogdaily for winning our current POTW!

Photo Of The Week

Isn't this an odd encounter? Maybe not, but for some of us it does feel even surreal! This image was shared in the “Color Red” throw-down opened last week, a thread that quickly escalated into a high-quality gallery of photographs organically built by talented visual storytellers like yourself!

The color red is an effective way of grabbing people's attention, but one needs a bit more than just reading of course. Here, the context is the ultimate element taking this shot up to extraordinary levels.

Congrats Frog, and thanks for sharing this with us!

Weekly Photographic Challenge Wrap-up

What a cosy ride don't you think? If you wish to see more photographs, take a visit to the 674rd thread.

A colorful explosion enhanced by the creative nature of Lensbaby! Did you know that light beams can be shaped into other shapes rather than circular? This is achieved via light-diffraction devices, and they look just like cookie-cutting molds.

Copyright – David Chesterfield

Gorgeous shot, perfect for a digital postcard!

Copyright – Wendy P

“This is what the snow looks like here within a few seconds of landing on the trees”.

Copyright – ElinL

“There are some lights on the bushes…”

Copyright – ElinL

A nice set of images indeed!

Copyright – ElinL

No snow for Tersha, but a striking bokeh tree!

Copyright – Tersha

“A repost but I don’t have many opportunities for outdoor night”.

Copyright – Rose Marie

Vibrant and colorful, great use of a square 1:1 ratio!

Copyright – Frogdaily

Love how this looks like a coven in Yule!

Copyright – Wendy P

One simply can't resist cats 🥺

Copyright – Michael

Now that's a creative way of mixing strong Xmas traditions together. Clever indeed!

This is shot with an iPhone 14 Pro Max. I was working on how to to get a narrow depth of field. I tried using the Portrait Mode and it worked most of the time.

Copyright – Timothy S. Allen

What You Shouldn't be Missing from the Light Stalking Community

Rob Eyers wished us all a happy, healthy and peaceful holiday!

Copyright – Rob Eyers

Rob shared a fly he captured while frolicking with his Nikon D810 and 70-200mm while hoping for some birds, a crispy shot given the setup and hand-holding conditions:

Copyright – Rob Wood

Tersha gave us another extraordinary image of frozen leaves!

Copyright – Tersha

Also, Rob Eyers shared this wonderful view which made us all a bit jealous 🙃

Copyright – Rob Eyers

By any chance, do you find yourself more and more drawn to Black and White? If so, take a look at this thread!

Last but not least, Rob made some tweaks and fixed the sharpness/size issue some images were experiencing a couple of days ago, swing by to read more about this.

The Mobile Monday Challenge is open for sharing some shots! And if you want to see more shots, take a look at the Members Picks, a place where our community shares their favourite photographs from our forums every week.

We'd Love To Hear Your Thoughts

Also, our Feedback Forum has some nice pictures, and is clear that some of you have started building a solid photography style. This is the right place for all those people who want to grow fast as photographers.

Here, you'll get your work critiqued by plenty of well-intended people, but you'll also have the chance to critique your peers. We truly believe in the power of criticism and feedback. Here are some of the most interesting shots shared during the last week:

The Shark Tank is a great place to learn and to discuss, so please read the instructions in order to get a better critique experience. Share your comments, opinions and doubts on any or all of the images above. We also will be delighted to see some of your own images. Don't be shy, critiques are given to photographs and not photographers.

Also, don't forget to participate in our upcoming challenge!

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