Hoping to Combat “Body Pressure in Society,” Norwegian Legislature Passes Law Requiring Label on Edited Images


Bullying is a huge problem on social media platforms like Instagram and others that focus on media, and the platforms themselves are taking a mostly proactive approach to tackle the problem.

Photo by Magnus Mueller from Pexels.

That doesn’t mean that governments aren’t getting involved.

Another huge issue is the unrealistic expectations that social media engenders in some of its users. Whether this has to do with how someone’s lifestyle is depicted or unrealistic body images, it’s hard to escape some of the more toxic stuff out there – intentionally crafted that way or not.

The Norwegian legislature passed a law that requires social media influencers and others to note when the photo is edited. As to whether or not this applies to everything including those pictures without people in them is still unclear.

DPReview reports that the law itself is an amendment to an already existing 2009 law called the Marketing Act. What is interesting about this application is that, ostensibly, no one is selling anything in the vast majority of the pictures the law targets.

Of course, accusing social media, in a general sense, of portraying an unrealistic view of life in its various forms is nothing new. What we are starting to understand is that this kind of bombardment can have a detrimental impact on mental health. Debates about freedom of expression and the like complicate the matter even further.

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