Horror Movie About Murderous Drone Takes UAV Hysteria to New Levels


Calling 2018 the year of mass drone hysteria is only a slight understatement.

But if 2019 has anything to say on the topic, it might be a heck of a year for drone pilots, especially if this horror movie depicting a murderous drone gains serious traction.

Tembela Bohle from Pexels

From threatening sky ways to being used to spy on people, drones had a rough haul last year. The cherry on top of it all was the Gatwick airport debacle where a drone purportedly disrupted holiday travel for thousands. No one is quite certain what happened with that incident which really underlines the general unease people feel about drones in public. Just the thought that a drone could be near planes and aircraft is enough of a reason to shut down a major airport.

The creative force behind The Drone, Jordan Rubin, hopes to capitalize on this hysteria surrounding drones in a film that combines the absurd premise that inanimate objects can be possessed by malevolent forces with the very real damage that drones can possibly cause in real life.

Think of it as a version of the classic Child’s Play films for the modern era.

Like Child’s Play, where a murderer possesses a doll and becomes the terrifying “Chuckie,” The Drone has a similar conceit in that a murderer possesses a DJI Drone (we’re sure they love that press) and does what murderers in horror movies do.

The following is the synopsis for the trailer posted on YouTube: “A serial killer transfers his consciousness into a consumer drone right before he is killed, then flies off to terrorize newlyweds Rachel (ALEX ESSOE) and Chris (JOHN BROTHERTON). The couple must fight to stop the insidious device before it destroys them both.”

You can watch the trailer by clicking here and going on over to YouTube.

The Drone is listed on IMDB as being in post production but there is no release date for the film as of press.

What do you think? Morbid idea or interesting conceit for a horror film? Let us know in the comments section below.

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This is nothing new- simply updated. Stephen King wrote a novel about a murderous possessed car – “Christine” – back in the early 1980s.

I confused that with Gerald’s Game for some reason but you’re right Christine is the one about the possessed object. Stephen King is a good read every once in a while. Thanks for your comment Kent! 🙂

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