5 Step Guide: How To Get Better At Photography….Without Taking Photos


Our 5 Step Guide Will Demonstrate How To Get Better At Photography….And, You Don't Always Need A Camera

We love it and always want to learn how to get better at photography. That's a given.

Let's face it, we would not be here pursuing the veritable encyclopedic archives of Lightstalking if we were not fully into this photography thing.

How To Get Better At Photography
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We live to take photos, always looking for new angles, new ideas, new ways to boost our creativity. On the contrary, sometimes, it is possible that the actual act of constantly taking photos can hinder our creative enhancement. Sound crazy?

Occasionally, we need to step back from the actual photo-taking aspect and look at some other ways to boost our creativity.

The advantages to this are that we can often get a different perspective on the creative process than the one we are used to in photography.

Let's show you how to get better at photography by looking at 5 excellent ways to get the creative juices flowing.

1. Looking At Architecture

Architects are some of the most creative people on the planet. They mold the modern world into forms of their own vision.

As photographers, we often love to shoot architecture but how often do we step back and actually analyze what we are looking at?

Take the time to visit some iconic buildings and really look at them. After a while, you will start to see some of the compositional elements that you recognize from photography.

  • Leading lines,
  • Thirds,
  • Reflections.

Try to get into the architect's mind and work out what he was thinking, why did he design this element this way?
Don’t restrict yourself to modern architecture either, old and even ancient buildings were all built on the backs of creative vision.

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