How to Improve Your Landscape Photography

Key Resources on the Art of Landscapes

Landscape photography is easily one of the most popular topics we cover here on Light Stalking. Something about getting into the great outdoors and practicing the hobby that we all love draws people like few other types of photograph. And we love it too!

The good news is that landscape photography can be vastly improved for most photographers with a few basic tips and ideas. Here we have collected the articles and skills that will help your own landscapes and help your make massive improvements very fast.

Landscape Photography For the Serious Amateur – Chris Gin is an amazing landscape photographer from New Zealand. The results he gets speak for themselves and these are some of the main strategies he uses to get stunning images.

Three Filters Every Landscape Photographer Should Always Carry and Why – While it is very possible to take great landscape photographs with minimum gear, there are a few common tricks that mother nature throws at the landscape photographer. Glare and exposure problems are among those. These filters will help you counter those problems and help you achieve the vision you are trying to capture.

The Sky in Landscape Photography: Making It Work – One of the keys in getting a great landscape shot is to emphasise the sky. That is easier said than done. Master photographer and Light Stalking member, Tom Dinning, takes us through some ways that we can get the skies in our landscapes looking as we want them to.

Image by Matteo Catanese

14 Essential Landscape Photography Tutorials – This is a collection of some of the best articles on landscape photography that we have found around the internet. It will take you a while to get through them all, but they are all worth having in your bookmarks.

How to Prepare Your Landscapes for Black and White – Getting a great black and white landscape can take pride of place in your collection of landscape images. Christopher O'Donnell goes into some of the finer details of shooting and preparing your landscapes for conversion to black and white.

How to Convey Size in Landscape Photography – One of the big problems in landscape photography is that often the vastness of a landscape can be lost when conveyed in a print. This is a collection of strategies aimed to convey the sheer scale of your photograph to your viewers.

Create Stunning Coastal Landscapes with These 7 Tips – Coastal landscapes can be incredible visual experiences, but shooting on the coast throws up some of its own challenges. These ideas will help you overcome those problems and capture images that are worthy of being published.

Image by Andrew Coelho