Huawei P30 Confirmed to Have Periscope Superzoom


Huawei is dominating headlines for all the wrong reasons lately because its upcoming top-of-the-line smartphone, the P30, should be getting all the press that 5G and the extradition controversy are receiving.

In another teaser of the features coming on the new headset, Huawei confirmed that the new smartphone will have a superzoom periscope-style camera on it at launch.

huawei p pro
Image via Huawei

This detail was confirmed by Huawei’s Vice President of Global Marketing, Clement Wong according to The Verge.

A superzoom lens is part of Wong’s promise that the new P30 would do something that other phones can’t do – at least not yet.

As The Verge highlights, Oppo has shown off similar technology though it looks like Huawei’s flagship will be the first to market with it in a consumer-ready format.

Another big feature that is being hinted at deals with night mode on the phone and how it will go beyond the current app-based solutions for dealing with low-light shooting situations.

That’s probably why Wong chose to post a picture of the moon to his social media accounts when he was teasing the new smartphone from Huawei. He didn’t really say much, but, since it is the Internet, people are more than happy to fill in the details and read between the lines – even if there’s nothing there.

Concrete details will be revealed at the phone’s official debut on March 26th. Until then we’ll just have to levy our best guesses as to what exactly is going down with the new Huawei P30.

We do know for a fact that the phone will launch alongside a scaled-down headset that comes in at a lower price but still packs a lot of the features that are going to make the P30 a compelling market option.

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