Huawei Rumoured to Launch Triple Camera Smartphone – Dynamic Range Monster? Who Knows?

By Kehl Bayern / February 7, 2018

Smartphones are windows into someone’s life as they are the primary means through which the most popular image-based social media platforms operate. Without a great smartphone, the Snap and Instagram experience is difficult or impossible. This alone gives smartphone manufacturers incentive to create bigger and better iterative editions of their popular lines.

In an arms race quickly resembling the razor blade industry’s obsession with adding more blades, Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei could launch the world’s first triple camera headset in a bid to outdo its competitors, most of whom employ the dual camera design that was groundbreaking only a few years ago.

What the exact benefits of incorporating a triple-camera design into a smartphone will be for users are not known but people are expecting bigger means better everything, and, going on past history in phone cameras, this tends to be the case.

Mate 10 Pro New Leica Lenses from Huawei.

The new Huawei P20 is set to launch at an event in Paris on March 27 according to rumors. Forbes reports that the smartphone will sport a total resolution of 40MP and a 5x optical/digital hybrid zoom, making it a formidable device indeed. These specs aren’t confirmed but they are impressive on paper.

In keeping with Huawei’s tradition of using Leica glass, the P20’s cameras will be designed in coordination with the German camera maker. Leica’s addition always adds a bit of something special to Huawei’s headsets and the P20 will be no different.

Not much else is known about the Huawei P20 with regard to specifications but analysts point to Huawei’s already impressive stable of technology as proof the company can put out high-quality, cutting edge tech. Forbes compares the rumored specifications for the P20 with Samsung’s S9 smartphone to gauge what it’s probably capabilities will be but this is just an arbitrary benchmark.


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