16 Remarkable Infrared Photos

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Infrared photography can capture some of the most stark and emotive images possible. Unfortunately it can also look like complete rubbish if done wrong. Along with this selection of infrared photos from the good Creative Commons people of Flickr that we think are pretty cool, are also a few links to further tutorials and resources on infrared photography that you might find useful. Be sure to click through to see what these talented people are photographing and sharing!

Eyes do more than see

Photo by lrargerich.


Photo by Mark Grealish.

Ivy on tree- Holga Infrared

Photo by schoeband.

Steelen Shade

Photo by night86mare.

Abandoned #2

Photo by Tricky.


Photo by Zach Stern.


Photo by Zach Stern.

stop requested

Photo by Lee Otis.

Water, rocks, moon

Photo by Square Within.

Photo by Carl Jones.


Photo by Lee Otis.

Dark Water

Photo by Compound Eye.


Photo by Hodge.

Alport secret sheep village*

Photo by Public Energy.

without regard

Photo by Zach Stern.

Mt Doom

Photo by Joseph Steufer.

If you are suitably impressed and would like to learn a little more about infrared photography, then here are a few infrared photography tutorials to get you started on the road to producing some awesome photos.

Pre and Post Production Infrared Photography Tutorials

Getting Started with Infrared Photography

Tutorial 20 Infrared Photography

Post Production (Photoshop) Infrared Tutorials

DPHClub Infrared Tutorial

Nature Photography Centralโ€™s Infrared Post-production Infrared Tutorial

For more tutorials, don't forget to check out our own list of Special Effects Photography Tutorials as well as others!

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13 thoughts on “16 Remarkable Infrared Photos

  1. Ilan

    From my experience, IR photos are taken by long exposures. So that bird and wave photo (and few others) seems like a semi-IR or rather black and white photos.
    Nevertheless, great photos ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Admin Post author

      @Ilan – yeah, if you look at the tutorials in the footer, we have a section on using photoshop to get the effect so I am positive that one at least, is a PS job.

  2. Zach Stern

    Hi llan and admin. All of my images on this page (including the bird and wave pictures) were taken with a camera that was specially modified to take infrared images using fast shutter speeds. The camera was modified to remove the internal IR blocking filter found in all modern digital cameras, and replace it with a visible light blocking/IR pass filter. Although I also use photoshop to balance and improve the dynamic range of the images, there is no “IR effect” used here. Thanks for your interest!! Zach

  3. Mistie McDonald

    I love love love infrared photography..
    Ive personally never dabbled in it.But I truely appreciate it.Maybe one day I’ll test it out..
    This is a gorgeous collection and a great example of the medium.

  4. Len Moser

    Infrared images are my favorite. They have this dream like quality you don’t get with other mediums. Beautiful photography! Thanks for sharing.


  5. Marieke

    I have this crazy idea of taking nightshots in the milky moonlight, using infrared. The idea being that infrared will enhance the effect of the moonlight. Anyone have any experience on this topic?

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