The Inrigo Waterproof Backpack – A Dry Bag and Camera Bag All-in-One


When it comes to cameras and gear, sometimes consolidation is the best option, particularly when it comes to transporting all of that expensive kit around.

Protecting your expensive camera and delicate lenses from the elements, however, requires a different standard of bag than just lugging it around from point A to point B, requiring you to make separate purchases for transport and for use in the field.

Inrigo, a Kickstarter project from photographer and inventor Oliver Sun, seeks to combine the best features of a camera bag and a dry bag in an all-in-one product he’s calling the Inrigo.

Oliver previously worked on the Case Air sold by Tether Tools according to DIY Photography.

Image via Kickstarter.

The bag is rated at IP78, which DIY Photography explains is a number that describes the bag’s “intrusion protection” and “moisture protection” respectively.

At 7, the bag is completely sealed off from dust. The second number, at 8, means the bag can be immersed in water and still protect the gear inside from moisture long enough for you to fish it out.

One really amazing feature that wilderness photographers will love is the bag’s ability to inflate. If so desired, a photographer can inflate the bag with the gear inside and it becomes buoyant, limiting how much of the bag is actually immersed in the water and insuring it floats on top of it.

The Inrigo has a 35 liter capacity and two inner cases that can hold two cameras and five lenses. There’s also room for spare batteries, remote triggers, filters, and even your laptop. Inside the bag you can also store personal items like credit cards or pens, your phone and tablet computer.

On the outside of the bag you can mount your tripod and there's also a place for a bottle of water. The bag can also carry a tent or sleeping bag as well as straps to hold on to a small drone. Basically, anything you could possibly need for your next field shoot, this bag can handle it.

Image via Kickstarter.

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