Instagram Apparently Prompting Users to Create Multiple Accounts


Facebook has had a big year. It changed the company name to Meta. It endured multiple scandals.

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And its darling division, Instagram, went largely unscathed until just recently. Now it looks like some more stuff is cropping up in the Insta camp as The Wall Street Journal reports the platform is actively pushing users to create multiple accounts. Of course, as anyone who knows anything about social media will tell you, the more usernames, the better, and it looks like Instagram has taken that to heart.

First, the process of creating a second account on Instagram has never been complicated. The only real question is “why now?” For that answer, we have to turn to advertising and the other ways that the platform makes money.

Still, it’s all quite interesting to discover that Instagram is pushing the creation of multiple accounts while also publicly talking about mental health and responsible usage of the app. Namely, keeping yourself off of it and enjoying life; creating multiple accounts, ostensibly geared towards different types of content or followings, somewhat undermines this proposition.

But it seems like that is exactly the goal of prompting users to create more than one Instagram username.

A spokesperson for Meta, Christine Pai, told the WSJ, “We know people come to Instagram to connect with those closest to them and to explore their many interests…By allowing the creation of multiple accounts, whether it be for professional or personal purposes, we hope to give people more ways to express themselves and have more control over the content they see and share.” She added that, with this tool, the process “can be seamless.”

What do you think of Instagram’s push to get users to manage multiple accounts? Savvy business move or sign of desperation? Let us know your thoughts on Instagram’s push to up the number of registered accounts in the comments below.

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