Instagram Direct Messaging Feature Coming to Browser Version of App


As Facebook reorients its services to work better with one another, it looks like the Instagram web app is getting a much-needed update in the form of direct messaging.

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Photo by Alok Sharma from Pexels.

If you didn’t use Instagram through your browser before, you might start as this update promises to make it way more useful.

So, why the sudden change? It all has to do with Facebook’s emphasis on everything messaging, The Verge speculates.

Nothing all that surprising given Mark Zuckerberg’s discussion about the future of the company being centered around messaging and privacy, among other things.

But some of us are looking at the change as a potential productivity benefit – especially for those of us that manage business accounts.

And that’s what Facebook hopes that the update does.

The update could be really beneficial for businesses and photographers that use Instagram messaging and groups to coordinate activities and stay in touch with others.

In the beginning, it is only going to be available to select regions but then will roll out to everyone per Instagram’s typical style for these kinds of things.

As far as how the messaging works, it’s exactly the same as the mobile app.

The Verge also reports that Facebook eventually plans to integrate messaging between all of its various apps in the future.

That means that Facebook and WhatsApp users could message Instagram users and each other.

We don’t know about the schedule behind that change but we suspect it isn’t anytime soon.

What do you think?

Does this make the web app version of Instagram more useful for you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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