iPhone Photography School’s Academy is 90% Off for Black Friday!


If you're not familiar with iPhone Photography School, they are the preeminent online training for smart phone photography. They are huge and rightfully so.

Take a look at their Black Friday Offer here.

Photo by Eirik Fung

The reason for that is that they go well beyond the technical aspects of which buttons to press – wile of course that is included, they go well beyond that and teach you the fundamental ways that a pro would use to make an smart phone camera really sing.

And let's face it – for most of us, the humble smart phone is where we are taking most of our photos these days. I even find myself perferring some of my iPhone shots over my DSLR shots for some of my personal projects (especially the ones of my kids where it's much easier to shoot with an iPhone).

And while there IS a learning curve, I still maintain that a good photographer with an iPhone will get better shots than a mediocre photographer with the best gear.

Some of my iPhone shots get a lot more praise than my DSLR shots, so it's possible to get some pretty good results… if you know what you're doing.

And that’s what you’re going to learn inside iPhone Photo Academy.

Yes, you’re going to learn all the techniques and apps, but more importantly…

You're Going To Love iPhone Photograph.

You’re going to take photos that are so good you’ll be surprised not that they were taken with the iPhone… but that it was YOU who took these photos.

You’re never going to run out of interesting things to take photos of, because you’ll know how to recognize amazing photo opportunities wherever you go.

And you’re going to have confidence in your iPhone photography.

You’ll be taking photos with the iPhone not because you forgot your big camera at home, but because you'll know how to use your iPhone to predictably get high-quality photos every time you press the shutter.

Almost 60,000 students have taken the iPhone Photography Academy course so far.

And today, it's 90% off.

So take a look at the details now.

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