Japanese Lens Filter Company Hit with Cyberattack


It’s a feature of modern life that most modern companies dread: Cyberattacks.

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Capable of bringing down a firm’s operations and causing serious financial damage. Often held for ransom, these incidents can really hamper a company’s ability to do business, as Japanese lens maker Hoya is experiencing right now.

Reported by PetaPixel and detailed in a note on the company’s website, the cyberattack was initially thought to be a hoax or April Fool’s Joke as it occurred on the first of the month. But, as outlined above, this kind of thing is not something that any company would joke about.

A statement on the company’s website reads briefly:

“The day before yesterday, we learned that the Group’s head quarter and several of its business divisions have experienced an IT system incident. The Company will work closely with each of its business divisions and sites, as well as with outside experts, to identify the nature and scope of the incident and to restore the situation as soon as possible.”

The company hopes to have everything resolved by now but, since that hasn’t happened, they released a detailed pdf file about how this is impacting everything. Long story short, it is affecting the company’s production and ordering processes. As PetaPixel points out, this also isn’t the company’s first experience with a cyberattack with its last one being in 2019 at a Thailand subsidiary.

This situation reminds us of the scenario a few years back where Nikon and others had a string of setbacks coming on the heels of the end of COVID-19. Not only did it delay products for quite some time but it also underscored just how fragile some of these systems that we rely upon really are.

Any thoughts that you might have on Hoya’s situation are welcome in the comments.

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