Jump for Joy: 19 Beautiful Photos of Frogs


I know not everyone shares this opinion but I think frogs are captivating creatures. As a kid, anytime someone asked me what my favorite animal was, I replied very self-assuredly that is was the frog. I’m not sure why this was, considering pigeons dominate New York City wildlife, not frogs. And whenever anyone used the words “frog” and “toad” interchangeably, I was quick to let them know that frogs are not toads and toads are not frogs! My obsession with frogs has diminished considerably, but I still find them quite photogenic — their big eyes, their astonishing variety of colors and skin textures; they are ornate amphibians. So, if frogs don’t make your skin crawl, you will definitely enjoy the following images.

Photo by Holley And Chris Melton

Photo by Tambako The Jaguar

Photo by Geoff Gallice

Photo by Ton Rulkens

Photo by Joi Ito

Photo by Lida

Photo by Santiago Ron

Photo by Geoff Gallice

Photo by ludovick

Photo by Rego Korosi

Photo by Chris Parker

Photo by Johan Hansson

Photo by Leszek Leszczynski

Photo by Danel Solabarrieta

Photo by GrrlScientist

Photo by Rego Korosi

Photo by Geoff Gallice

Glass frog
Photo by Andrew Snyder

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