Keeping the Dream Alive: Kodak Working with Studios to Keep Film in Use


The changes that have swept over the photography and film world over the past thirty years is almost as monumental as the creation of the field itself.

kodak film frame of mannequins
Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels.

Pretty much everything has changed but some creators and artists have a vested interest in keeping certain older formats alive.

Kodak also has this same interest and, to that end, they’ve penned a pretty bold agreement with five Hollywood studios who agreed to use film in future projects according to multiple reports.

The studios that agreed to continue purchasing film for the foreseeable future include Disney, NBCUniversal, Paramount, Sony, and Warner Bros.

PetaPixel notes that this is the continuation of a 2015 agreement the studios made with Kodak to purchase the film.

What isn’t clear is how much the studios bought in the past under the previous agreement nor how much they are going to buy under the new one.

In terms of information in this area, we have to go by what Kodak tells us and the company paints a picture of a segment that has seen increases in sales over the past several years and one for which they think demand will continue to rise.

If you’re skeptical of that, you’re not the only person, that’s for sure.

Nonetheless, there does seem to be a place for film in the movie industry and there are definitely more than a couple of proponents for its use.

What do you think?

Do you like to watch movies and television shows made on actual film or do you think digital is a superior format?

Tell us your opinion in the comments below if you like.

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