Kodak Ending Its On-Demand Photography Service Kodakit


So long Kodakit, we barely knew you.

Photo by Little Visuals from Pexels.

Another Kodak product bites the dust next year but it doesn’t seem like many people will miss it.

Kodak announced that they would be ending their on-demand app for photography services, Kodakit, by the end of next month, January 2020.

If you’ve never heard of Kodakit, you’re not the only one and that is apparently the reason it will be going the way of much of the film division.

What exactly was Kodakit?

Many have described it as the “Uber of photography” based upon Kodak’s own marketing and, in a way, that’s exactly what it was.

It was premised on connecting businesses with photography services and even had so much as a certification process for photographers that participated.

One big sticking point about the program was that pictures shot for clients through Kodakit apparently had their copyright held by the service itself.

Photographers weren’t even allowed to use the pictures taken for clients in portfolios of their work and were required to destroy all associated files attached to the client’s work.

Aside from that, criticisms of Kodakit also aimed at the perception that the service was lowering the value of photography services in general, PetaPixel highlights.

In a letter to participating photographers, Kodakit concluded with, “Eastman Kodak Company remains firmly committed to film and the photography community. The company continues to innovate, leveraging many decades of leadership in the industry, and it continues to deliver meaningful value to customers through new products and services.”

Were you a part of Kodakit? What are your thoughts on it as a service? Let us know your opinions in the comments below if you like.

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