Russian Photographer Displays How Moscow Is The Definition Of A Winter Wonderland


If You Ever Wondered What A Russian Christmas Looks Like, Have A Look At These Dreamy Photos

Have you ever felt a little fed up with the winter season and the falling snow piling up? Cold, wet and unable to take your car out?!

It happens, which is exactly why we all need to be reminded of just how gorgeous this cold season really can be.

The pictures here that a Russian photographer from Moscow has captured during the Winter season are simply beautiful – (I'm running out of adjectives here!) These photographs will leave you wanting to get out there and explore your own city during the Winter season.

Oh, some snow usually helps a little too.

christmas winter photography
Image by Aaron Burden

With festive lights out there, now is the time to take advantage of both the winter and the holiday season to make some stunningly beautiful winter photographs.

The Photographer Who Captures These Lovely Images

Kristina Makeeva is a photographer from Moscow in Russia, who loves photographing her city during the winter when temperatures are frigid. Kristina says the best time to visit Moscow is during the winter season when the falling snow is lit up by the city lights.

According to Kristina, winter is the time of the year that is most beautiful here. She continues to say that in her city there are a lot of lights that are often lit up all night long and so during those nights in Moscow when it is snowing, the atmosphere is like something magical. 

When you look at Kristina’s photos, you can see that Moscow is truly the definition of a Winter Wonderland at this time of the year and the pictures that Kristina has captured are sure to take your breath away. The streets of Moscow are so beautiful that one will forget how freezing cold it is while strolling through the streets.

About Kristina's Christmas Winter Photography

Kristina says that being a resident in Moscow has let her know the ins and outs of the city, the iconic areas and the best season, to take photographs. 

Kristina’s photos are characterized by sharp lines and movements and one can see crisp details of the subjects and the snow in the photographs. The pictures are so vibrant that they take away the cold feeling of the winter season and bring in that festive warmth.

Most of the photographs you see here were shot at night with the city lights and the snowfall being the highlight of the pictures.

Kristina has that talent where she captures the perfect light in her pictures and most of her photographs look more like paintings. One such example is the picture of the Cathedral with swirls of snow.


Cathedral with swirls of snow – Image by Kristina Makeeva

If you are curious about the gear that Kristina uses to capture these stunning pictures, then see below!


  • Canon 5D Mark II
  • Kiev 88
  • Leica 6


  • Canon 50mm f0.95
  • Canon 50mm f1.2
  • Helios 40-2 85mm f1.5
  • Carl Zeiss 180mm f2.8
  • 3M-5A 500mm f8.0 – this is a mirror lens
  • Volna-3 80mm f2.8

Also, if you're feeling inspired by Kristina’s work and would like to see more of her awesome photographs, you can see them on the links below!


Image by Kristina Makeeva


Image by Kristina Makeeva


Image by Kristina Makeeva


Image by Kristina Makeeva


Image by Kristina Makeeva


Image by Kristina Makeeva


Image by Kristina Makeeva


Image by Kristina Makeeva


Image by Kristina Makeeva


Image by Kristina Makeeva


Image by Kristina Makeeva


Image by Kristina Makeeva


Image by Kristina Makeeva


Image by Kristina Makeeva


Image by Kristina Makeeva


Image by Kristina Makeeva


Image by Kristina Makeeva


Image by Kristina Makeeva


Image by Kristina Makeeva


Image by Kristina Makeeva


Image by Kristina Makeeva


Image by Kristina Makeeva


Image by Kristina Makeeva


Image by Kristina Makeeva


Image by Kristina Makeeva

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