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Once you've caught a bug for landscape photography there's no going back. It's one of the most popular photography genres on this website and for good reason. It's enjoyable rewardable and often ends with some of the most striking images that you will ever produce when done well.

But when you go down this rabbit hole you will find yourself striving for improvement in your landscape photography skills. that's when you're starting to turn to blog posts and online courses as well as books and perhaps even offline courses.

Today we're going to take a look at some of the best online landscape photography courses available in 2023.

snow landscape Photo by Marek Piwinicki

Landscape Photography: Tips Simple Solutions For Beginners

Luckily one of the best landscape photography courses available online also happens to be free from our good friends at Udemy. it covers the basics from gear and holding your camera properly all the way through to taking sharper images and avoiding unwanted blur.

This one is going to be useful for you if you're in the beginner to intermediate phase of your photography journey. It has six practical lessons and they consist of roughly 30 minutes of video as well as two downloadable PDF checklists and a final quick quiz about the content.

You can get it here.

landscape photography leading lines Photo by Luca Micheli

Localization: Behind The Scenes

This is another course from Udemy but this one steps it up a notch from the previous course we mentioned. Its 14 high-quality video lessons our excellent They also happened to be from the point of view of a traveling landscape photographer.

This one's worthwhile because it explains exactly how deep a landscape photographer has to go in the craft when they start to get serious about it. on the other hand and also shows you exactly the quality of photos you can get when you do go that deep.

You can get the course here.

landscape lake Photo by Danyu Young

Nightscapes: Landscape Astrophotography

At some point, almost every landscape photographer falls in love with astrophotography. there's something about getting outside at night and capturing stunning images of the Milky Way that appeals to both creators and viewers of these magical photographs.

This course obviously covers the intricacies of capturing your own Milky Way photographs. Of course, we also have our own tutorial on how to photograph the Milky Way if you are short on time.

The course, by Ian Norman, Will take you through the basic setup for astrophotography. it consists of nine videos that each cover one step in the process. It's a worthwhile course and one that anybody who loves astrophotography will also enjoy.

You can enroll here.

landscape photography atrophophotography
Photo by Eberhard

Travel & Landscape: Unlimited Tutorial

This one isn't a course per se but it is a very detailed landscape photography tutorial. it deserves inclusion here because it goes into as much detail at some paid courses we have seen.

Luckily for us this one is supported by YouTube ads so Canadian photographer Taylor Jackson has been able to pay for his costs through that.

The video is 3 hours long and there is a lot of content that any landscape photographer will love. Taylor spent a full weekend in Iceland as well as another week in Tokyo and five days editing this one. As such it deserves a spot on the list full of landscape photography lovers and people looking for a landscape photography course.

We have embedded it here but you can also follow this link if you want to watch it directly on YouTube.

Mastering Focus A Landscape Photography Tutorial

This is another freebie on YouTube that we came across that packs in as much content as many paid landscape photography courses online.

Professional landscape photographer Nigel Danson was kind enough to put this together for the amateur photography community, but a lot of more advanced photographers will get a lot out of this video too.

As the name suggests this video has a primary focus on focus!

Again we have embedded it here but if you would like to watch it directly on YouTube you can see it here too.

Northern Lights How To Photograph The Aurora

This is yet another free YouTube video that goes into quite a bit of detail. Put together by a professional travel and landscape photographer who Goes By the name “Expert Vagabond,” this one covers how to find and photograph the northern lights in Iceland.

It's useful because it goes deep on both shooting and editing and as with anything when you're learning the extra specialization means that the information is extra valuable.

Once more you can view it here or you can view it on YouTube.

How To Shoot Sunsets For Dynamic Range

When you get into landscape photography you will come to realize that the golden hour and blue hours are when you want to be doing it. That is something covered by almost every landscape photography blog post and course available online.

But where do you start when you want to dig a lot deeper?

Denis Lemay Put together a totally free course on Udemy dedicated to exactly that question. Specifically, Dennis covers achieving maximum dynamic range in these types of images. when you get to know landscape and sunset photography you will understand the importance of this point.

Take it from us this is a course that will save you time and have you shooting very powerful sunset shots.

You can find the course here.

misty landscape Photo by David Zawila


As you fall in love with landscape photography you will want to dive deeper and deeper into every aspect of the craft. These online photography courses will steer you in the right direction and if you put in the work you will become a better landscape photographer than 99% of the population. The bonus is how enjoyable the craft is. Happy shooting.

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