Leica and Panasonic Announce Camera Collaboration


Leica is having an amazing year.

person holding black nikon dslr camera
Person holding black Panasonic Lumix camera. Photo by Angel Barclay

And you don’t have to take our word for it! We got that news straight from Leica themselves.

Given such heady times over at Leica, you wouldn’t be remiss for wanting to borrow some of that good energy and, if you’re Panasonic, what better way to do just that than a camera collaboration?

Perhaps that’s the inspiration behind today’s announcement as two of the most venerable names in the optics industry unveiled a collaboration with the intention of delivering a jointly-developed product sometime in 2023, Digital Camera World reports via Nikkei Japan.

This will be part of the company’s ongoing L² Technology partnership which stands for Leica x Lumix and it will be a mirrorless camera that shares technology and know-how between the two companies, a situation that Panasonic described as “comprehensive.”

“We are planning to release a mirrorless machine jointly developed with Leica Camera, which we formed a comprehensive partnership with at the end of May, in about a year,” Panasonic confirmed in a statement to Nikkei Japan.

As far as what this camera might be like, the only real consensus out there is that it will be an L-Mount given the two companies' foundational role in that alliance. We also can’t ignore the fact that the two have worked together for quite a while and that Leica cameras themselves make extensive use of Panasonic’s camera lineup when it comes to sourcing core features. With that in mind, some are cautiously optimistic that this joint product will be something truly special to distinguish itself from the many other examples of Leica and Panasonic’s work together that currently are on the market.

Would you be interested in a Leica/Panasonic camera? Let us know what you think the companies might come up with in the comments below.

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