Leica Unveils the Leitz Phone 2 with 47.2MP Sensor


If you missed the first Leica smartphone, you’ll have a second go at it with the recently announced Leitz Phone 2.

silver Leica camera on black background
Silver Leica camera on black background. Photo by Yusuf Evli

Equipped with a 47.2MP sensor, it also holds the title as the largest sensor ever in a phone according to multiple outlets.

That’s probably to be expected, especially given the phone’s cachet as the go-to model for smartphone photography. Fitted out with just about everything you could need to get that done, the Leitz Phone 2 lens has a “…focal length of 19 mm” making it a “fast, versatile and powerful lens offer[ing] breath-taking possibilities and plenty of freedom for image composition.”

“With a fast f/1.9 lens, the Leitz Phone 2 can take clear shots with a high dynamic range and low image noise – even in low ambient light. With a 6-fold digital zoom on the main camera and an 8-fold continuously adjustable digital zoom on the selfie camera, the Leitz Phone 2 is as versatile and flexible as the moments you capture with it.”

As for the massive sensor, it is a 1-inch, 47.2 MP CMOS image sensor paired up with the Qualcomm Snapdragon SM8450 processor.

The smartphone also has a proprietary feature that Leica calls the “Leica look” that “creates Leitz looks based on three iconic M lenses: The Summilux 28 for imposing shots taken in the centre of action; the Summilux 35 for everyday and street art photography; and the Noctilux 50, which is ideal for portraits with its extremely high aperture of 1.2, capturing shots with an unmistakable Leica bokeh.”

All in all, if you’re a fan of smartphones and Leica, then this is a no-brainer pickup as a smartphone. There’s just one catch: It’s only available in Japan as of press. It’ll cost around $USD 1500 and will be available from Japanese retailer Softbank.

Any thoughts on the Leitz Phone 2 are welcome in the comments below.

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