Food Photography: 29 Bright and Fun Shots of Lemons


Sometimes the ordinary items you have around you at any time can be a great topic for a photograph. Inspired by this week's Light Stalking community challenge (food), we decided to show what could be done with an item that many folks will have in their kitchen right at this moment: the humble lemon. Use these examples to give yourself a little inspiration.



Photo by Danielle Scott
Photo by Bonita Suruputra
Photo by Sharon Mollerus
Photo by OliBac
Photo by Liz West
Photo by *sax
Photo by THOR
Photo by Mickie G
Photo by Liz West
Photo by Tim Samoff
Photo by John Morgan
Photo by Theilr
Photo by CoCreatr
Photo by *sax
Photo by Anna Oates
Photo by Ginny
Photo by Kátia Goretti Dias Vazzoller
Photo by Wee Keat Chin
Photo by Nick Harris
Photo by Les Haines
Photo by Liz West
Photo by Francisco Antunes
Photo by Erich Ferdinand
Photo by Audrey
Photo by Lori Greig
Photo by R'eyes
Photo by Patrick Hoesly
Photo by Thomas Tolkien
Photo by Andrew Comings

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@Ian Pearson: Well, the link worked so it wasn’t a total bust. That was a fun shot indeed and so is this thread.

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