The Last Week Mosaic: Mapping the Majestic Moments of March


Photography has the power of lightening up our lives; and what a great thing it is to start our days by checking out some beautiful images in the comfort of our homes.

Here is our weekly wrap-up – you'll find finely curated photos from the general chit chat blended with some creative shots from Tersha's 587th challenge on Bodies of Water in Nature! And of course, we'll introduce some worth-seeing shots from the Feedback Forum too!

Photo Of The Week – April 25th, 2022

Photo by Patrick

Words by Jasenka Grujin

Again so many stunning candidates! I had to go for something different otherwise I wouldn’t be able to decide.

I picked Patrick’s minimal landscape because, well – it’s extremely minimal and effective, like line art. Also, there’s something very zen about it, I can imagine it hanging in a Japanese businessman’s office (gotta be a businessman with great taste!). I think this shot would look magical if printed in large format.

Congrats, Patrick!

What Are Our Members Up To?

Pour some coffee and enjoy our favorite shots from this wild challenge!

Photo by Michael

Great contrast is made possible due to the rigid yet fluid lines of the metal structure juxtaposed against the tranquil mass of water in the background.

Photo by Robert Apple

Bodies of water are captured in three states of the matter.

Photo by Marty E

Believe it or not, this is a hand-held shot! Amazing, action, and rich colors too!

Photo by Rose Marie

This is not your regular shot of the bay! Great spot, and beautiful composition too.

Photo by Dave Watkins

“Weather and yard work has kept me home lately. This is a reworked image of a previous post. Spouting Horn at Cape Perpetua near Yachats Oregon.”

Photo by David Chesterfield

We wouldn't expect anything ordinary from the great light master, don't we? A creative shot of the Moogerah Dam.

Photo by Patrick

What an exquisite composition! The texture from the rocks in the front, the strong horizon line, and the bold and silky-foamy presence of the water

Photo by Click

“Sevier Lake, Utah; A shallow lake of solar evaporation ponds for the extraction of salt and potassium sulfate. Viewed from 30,000 feet.”

Photo by Charmaine Joubert

“The Victoria Falls – Local name is Smoke That Thunders”.

Photo by Rob Eyers

Perfect reflection achieved, and the woods makes this scene a bit poetic too!

Photo by Tersha

Colorful and crispy shot of Llyn Clywedog.

Photo by Logos189

And speaking of colorful venues, take a look at this gorgeous spot!

Photo by Pat Garrett

“The Blue Hour at Old Orchard Beach, Maine”

Photo by Wendy P

“Yachts in a row”, a crowded panoramic shot!

Photo by Frogdaily

Even when tiny, human elements give landscape shots an extra layer of visual complexity. Great capture, and beautiful light too.

Photo by Bobbie

Can you spot the sorrowful face looking at us?

Photo by Ken Scheepers

“Lago Torre with Fitz Roy mountain, in Argentina at the blue hour just before the sun popped out.”

Photo by Anne Hornsby

Bodies of water never end to surprise us! Look at this thin cascade making its way through the rocks!

Photo by Aurimas

Striking textures, and a good example of how abstract doesn't necessarily means simple or minimal.

What You Shouldn't Be Missing From The Light Stalking Community

Dave got creative with intentional camera movement (better known in the photography world as ICM) and captured this Rhododendron in a pretty unique and moving way:

He also stumbled into a fantastic finding, a Praying Mantis egg case:

Last but not least, some interesting lichen which according to Dave, it takes two organisms that cannot survive individually to develop this particular species of lichen:

Do you remember Robert's newfound love? Well, he found that one of the attachments bundled with his Lensbaby comes with a pinhole thingy, and he managed to achieve some camera obscura effects, here are a couple of our favorite shots:

If you want to see more shots, take a look at the Members Picks! A place where our community is able to share their favorite photographs from our forums every week.

And remember to say hello to our newest Light Stalking member Denis!

We'd Love To Hear Your Thoughts

Also, our Feedback Forum got some nice pictures, and is clear that some of you have started building a solid photography style. This is the right place for all those people that want to grow fast as photographers.

Here, you'll get your work critiqued by plenty of well-intended people, but you'll also have the chance of critiquing your peers. We truly believe in the power of criticism and feedback. Here are some of the most interesting shots shared during the last week:

The Shark Tank is a great place to learn and to discuss, so please read the instructions in order to get a better critique experience. Share your comments, opinions and doubts on any or all of the images above. We also will be delighted to see some of your own images. Don't be shy, critiques are given to photographs and not photographers.

Also, don't forget to participate in our 588th challenge on Skylines in Nature!

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