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Whatever issues you have with Instagram, we can all agree that there are issues.

Markus Spiske from Pexels.

Whether it is the service’s “lack of authenticity” or the tendency towards product over photo, there are a lot of complaints out there when it comes to Instagram and what it is doing to and for photography as a whole. Nonetheless, it has become somewhat essential for most of us to at least try to have a presence on Instagram, alongside Flickr and some other platforms. If you’ve been waiting for an alternative to Instagram and like being in on something new, we’ve got a pretty cool social media platform to tell you about: Dayflash, the social media app for photographers and videographers that want all of the exposure Instagram offers but none of the other stuff.

Created by Rupali Renjen and Anthony Morgan, Dayflash puts photos and videos in full-screen format and largely gives you the same features as Instagram – albeit without the constant ads and pushes to buy ads of some kind. It sports a very minimalistic presentation which is both endearing and slightly stylish. Overall, the app has a very clean look that really does put the emphasis on the media rather than UI graphics. The only real downside we can see so far is that it looks like it is an Apple App Store only affair at this point, which is a real shame since Android photographers would probably love to have the chance to try this out.

That will probably come down the road at some point. As the FStoppers article that brought this to our attention points out, Dayflash has used an incremental rollout of its service rather than going full bore right out of the gates.

If you get a chance to try it out let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Looks promising judging from what I can see (android user here, so boo Apple exclusives). At least as of now though that “all the exposure of Instagram” line is totally false. It would need to have as big a userbase as Instagram to offer the same exposure level, and with single platform alone they cut that in half. Being so new and unknown still reduces it further.
I hope they do well, and can chip away at that Instagram monopoly, but for now they’re the David to Facebook/Instagram’s Goliath at best.

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