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When it comes to photography, handpicking a few amount of shots is always a challenge. In order to introduce objectivity for the process, the Light Stalking community has chosen open voting as the preferred way to go to select our top shots. Many great images are always left behind due to list limitations, but we always trust the jurors criterion for this immense sort of tasks.

This couldn't have been done if it wasn't for our friend and community organiser, Robert Apple who organised the whole process. Picking just 3 images from a whole year's production might have taken a lot of time, and we can't state how thankful we are for such a gigantic endeavour.

Robert organised the voting for all of the Photos of the Week from 2020 and then had a runoff of member's votes through several rounds to reach the member's pick of the year.

Without further ado, these are the three photos of the year! And each has some words from their proud authors too.

Light Stalking Photo of the Year by Charmaine Joubert

Words by Charmaine Joubert:

This image was taken in Addo very early one morning. The little one was only a few weeks old and still unsure and wobbly on it’s feet. As the herd rushed  to the water hole it stumbled and fell. We watched with bated breath hoping it wouldn’t get trampled in the chaos and confusion but mom came to the rescue and helped it up with her trunk. The noise and chaos attracted a massive bull elephant. Again we watched with bated breath and awe as it gently touched the baby with it’s huge trunk. I was so fortunate that this all happened in front of us and the beautiful morning light illuminated baby amongst all the trunks and legs and I was able to capture the tender moment.

1st Runner up photo by Dahlia Ambrose

Words by Dahlia Ambrose:

This image of the setting sun was photographed from my balcony with a macro attachment on the mobile. I then edited it in Distressed FX app to give a painterly feel. I love this app and it is one of my most favourite right now. I am working on doing a collection like this and printing them later using some interesting technique and may be have an art wall or something.

2nd Runner up photo by Rob Eyers

Words by Rob Eyers:

The image was taken in Iceland near Vestrahorn which we had just driven past. One of the fun things about Iceland is the horses. They’re like friendly puppies and always come up to the fence for a pat and some fresh grass from the other side. If there’s anything to say about my image it’s that there originally was a fence in it. Post processing usually brings some challenges so thanks for accepting it’s removal. Photoshop continues to amaze me with it’s capabilities.

Congrats folks on your nominations, and thanks to Robert for such a titanic effort too. Surely many great shots were left behind, and we also congratulate all of our members for always sharing high quality images for us to delight with!

For members, there is a lively discussion in the forum that other members might like to join.

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